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paulief in phoenix, Arizona

53 months ago

I work for CPS and I ended up having to call in a report on the home where my sister is renting a room, due to the living conditions and my sister's reports that the children were being abused. After calling in the report and the children being interviewed, the family attacked and threatened my sister as they assumed it was her or my parents who called in the report.

Now i'm in a big fight with my parents who feel that it isn't fair to my sister to get blamed and attacked for the report while i'm getting off "scott free", they also that cps should have put a plan in place prior to calling in a report to protect my sister. They also feel that I should have waited until she moved out to make the report. I had no idea that the family would react the way they did or assume it was my sister, so i had no way of knowing what would happen, and now i feel absolutely terrible about putting my family through this.

I guess my question is, does anyone know of support or steps that they have seen taken to prevent innocent individuals from being accused of making a report? And i guess I'm also looking for validation that i had no alternative but to make a report when i had concerns.

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trishad+ in Phoenix, Arizona

53 months ago

Have you staffed this with your supervisor at all? This is something that you would want to talk about because unfortunately your job and your personal life got mixed together. You are a mandated reported during and outside of office hours.

When filing a report like this, people always look for a scapegoat as to who is responsible. You did not abuse those children, unfortunately, this family did. They are responsible for their actions, they are just angry because they are now facing real consequences for their actions. People will often look to others to blame for their situation when really they are the ones who created it.

Your sister could have made the report, I wonder why she chose not to? Why is she living in a place where abuse is going on and at what point did she feel it was not her responsibility to call it in? Social worker or not, people should call in abuse when they see it!

Unfortunately as social workers we have to make really tough decisions and people get very angry at us for those decisions. You could very well have saved the lives of those children and even though it is very ugly right now, you did what you had to do. It's not just your mandate, it's your social responsibility to help ensure children in the community are safe.

You cannot control how people react. I have seen people accuse everything and everyone that it was them who made the report. You could also tell the family you made the report if you feel so inclined and explain why you did so. But again, they want a scapegoat. CPS got involved for a reason and they don't want to own the responsibility.

At the end of the day, you did what you had to do. People will be angry and that's okay. They are allowed to feel however they want. That family is now going to get services it needs.

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priscler in Yuma, Arizona

50 months ago

I see your concern with your sister problem wit this, but as a CPS worker you can not work on cases that are with ppl that afflicted to you in any kind of way. As a professional and for personal reasons as well, your gona have to pass this report to another CPS worker.

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