can anyone in the field help me answer some questions

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Tea Szukala in salt lake city, Utah

56 months ago

So I want to be a social worker really badly and was wondering what steps you took to get there. I want to do clinical work and maybe teach people how to become a social worker eventually. What are the different programs called? I'm going to school to get my associates degree from my college and I was thinking about going to to the u of u to eventually get my Ph.D. in Staten Island, New York

52 months ago

can anyone become a social worker

socialwkr in Missouri

52 months ago in Staten Island, New York said: can anyone become a social worker

In Missouri, it is in our state statute passed by the legislature back a couple of years ago, that only individuals with a degree in social work can call themselves a "social worker".

Some agencies do hire individuals without a social work degree to do "basic" social service type work, but they cannot call themselves a social worker in Missouri. Some of the job titles I have seen are "social services assistant", "caseworker", "social service designee", etc.

I am not sure if NY has a law that also protects the title of social worker?

Also in Missouri one cannot get any type of licensure in social work, unless they have a degree BSW or MSW.

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