Who has worked in Child Protective Services?

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Maggs in Owings Mills, Maryland

27 months ago

I am *considering* doing this, but am a bit nervous because I have heard a lot of horror stories. The state also will pay for a large portion of my tuition if I agree to specialize in "Children and Families," in the MSW program, and then work for CPS for two years. That is a great incentive, but it also tells me they are pretty desperate for employees...I'm guessing the turnover is very high! Anyway, I would love to hear if anyone has firsthand experience with this. Thanks.

Former Child Welfare Worker in Oakland, California

25 months ago

Yes there is a lot of turn over. Demanding paper work, court hearings, crisis, and field work. Some workers have to do work after work hours. You must be really organized. There is very little management support for workers and no support with worker burn out. Although I had great co workers.

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