Can i ever get back in to computers?

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compscotty in Las Vegas, Nevada

71 months ago

My circumstance is actually quite common. I got a BS in Computer science in 1992 and worked as a programmer coder until 1997.
I have been unable to get any work in computers since 1997. This might be because i live in Las Vegas, NV. Dont move to Las Vegas! This place has completely ruined my life.

What can i do to get back in to computers? The field is almost impossible to get in to because of the immigration policies are stacked against the american engineer.

How can i update my skills? There's no schools in this cruddy town.

las vegas, nv

Kirk in Lansing, Michigan

71 months ago

You'll have to do what I did. I was a mainframe programmer for 16yrs. until the IT jobs were sent to India.
I had to make a total career change. I never did achieve programmer wages and have been in/out of work ever since.
I only bounced back to 66% of my career wages. I spoke to the Dean of IT at a local colleged about getting into network programming but, he was very frank w/me and said that the market is flooded and he advised me against any further IT education. Keep in mind this advice came from the DEAN of IT.
Your other option is to move to India

eagle1970 in Norristown, Pennsylvania

67 months ago

Find out what else you like. Find out what is truly in demand now and is not being hyped up by corporate interests. Hopefully there will be overlap then pursue it. FORGET ABOUT IT. LEAVE IT AND DO NOT LOOK BACK!

But what have you been doing since 1997? Is it anything you can build up upon? Otherwise, I take it you are about 40 years old. It is really not too late to start into something new.

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