Java Developer Oppotunities in CA or NY?

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Ace in Nice, France

85 months ago

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are relocating to the US with permanent visas next year and we are wondering what the job market is like for JAVA developers. We have narrowed down our preferences to CA or NY but we dont know where will be better for us to live. He is a french Java developer with 4 years experience working in international (US) companies. He speaks good english --but a noticeable french accent :) While I am a native english speaker with a Masters in Marketing and almost a year's internship experience in a multinational smart card company( I restarted my career and am almost 30 yrs old now, he is 28.)

1. Will he have problems finding work as a JAVA developer being french even though he speaks, reads and interacted/ presented in English in his prior jobs?

2. What is the market like for developers now? Do you think it will turn around in 2010?

3. Where in CA can we find reasonable rent,some mass transit(no car) and where we can both find work?

4. If you were in our shoes, which city would you honestly choose? CA or NY?

Really looking forward to ur answers, thanks alot!!!

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eagle1970 in Norristown, Pennsylvania

80 months ago

Forget about IT. It is as bad here as in France.

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spoonschlab in Camarillo, California

80 months ago

california is dead in terms of jobs - though, it will always be the best place on earth. that said, there are some 60 - 85k type jobs available. this is pretty terrible. you can get more money in Des Moines, Iowa. my money is on New York, go upstate and work for one of the government (local or federal) branches as a contractor, you will make 60-80/hr, AN HOUR, which translates roughly to 120 - 160k / year. this is good and is close to the top of a Java developer's earning potential.

good luck.

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