Moving From Accounting/Finance to Software Engineering

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financetosoftware in Lowell, Massachusetts

68 months ago

Just wondering if anybody is in the same situation as me, as I understand most people are the other way around. I graduated with a BS in Accounting, and went for my Master's in Finance. However, I soon discovered that the finance field is way too political, so I'm trying to get out of it right now. I'm in my late twenties, and through my four years in the corporate business world, I've discovered that my career has come to a standoff. I've started to catch up with pre-requisites for a Master's in Computer Science from Boston University. So far, I've finished Calculus I, II, III, and Discrete Mathematics. I'm starting Intro to C right now. I'm not seeing any real difficulties so far, so I guess my question is if it's plausible for an outsider like me with no programming experience to land at least an entry level software engineer job upon graduation? Any suggestions or comments will be extremely helpful. Thank you.

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Rovision in Milpitas, California

68 months ago

My suggestion would maybe to try to get an internship or anything right now. I am currently looking for an entry level position into software engineering or QA. I previously worked as a Technical Support Engineer for 4D Inc (development application). I graduated with a computer engineering degree and finding it difficult not having enough experience with certain languages and technologies. Good luck in your transition!

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financetosoftware in Lowell, Massachusetts

68 months ago

Thanks so much for the suggestion.

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eagle1970 in Rochester, New York

66 months ago

Stick with Accounting. The SE field is glutted right now. unless you have valuable working experience, don't expect to get a job that pays anything near to what you are making in accounting. If you think working in the software field is not political you are in for a big surprise.

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financetosoftware in Falls Church, Virginia

66 months ago

Thank you, Moximi, for the websites. I actually just went to a job fair in Boston the other day, and I believe most of companies, including CIA and Raytheon were really interested in candidates with a software/programming background, so you're definitely right about that.
To eagle1970-> Working in accounting/finance for almost 4 years, and getting paid entry level salary is pretty disheartening. I've worked for 55+ hours a week for the past 4 years. To be honest, entry level software salary is alot more than what I can expect than working 20 years in my field, even with my Master's.

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cincyFA in Cincinnati, Ohio

50 months ago

wow- I cannot believe there is some on LIKE ME :) I also have masters in Accounting and finance and looking to move to IT ! I got tired of Finance and "entry-level" salary as well ( 5 + years experience). So what I 'm planning to do : I will be getting AA degree in community college in computer programming. they provide with co-ops ( real paid experience! ), internships and possible placements! My starting salary in IT will be maybe the same I had in Finance field and it does not bother me . I LOVE logic I love codes, I love to think creatively. I dont like Finance field, I was in Financial Analysis and it goes like this : you spend 10% of the time to prepare the report and the rest 90% its is like" blah-blahblah " talking talking talking balh blah blah ... meetings discussions ... blah blah .... GRRRRR. I would rather sit and write a code!

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YASIR in London, United Kingdom

15 months ago

I am a Chartered Accountant and I like the field
but now its time for a change and I want to switch to software enginering, can any one guide me what should be my starting point to get a degree in software enginering.

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mike in Rochester, Michigan

11 months ago

Ever thought about finding a different finance/accounting job if the one you have doesn't pay well?

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