Working hours of a Sous Chef?

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Kevin in Toledo, Ohio

81 months ago

I'm very interested in a career in Culinary arts. I love to cook, and I thrive in a fast-paced environment. In essence, being a Sous chef sounds perfect for me, except for the schedule. I'm okay with working weekends and Holidays, but I've been hearing that Sous chefs work 16 hour days/6 days a week on the regular.

Let me tell ya, there are many things that I enjoy much more than cooking, and I wouldn't even want to do those for 80+ hours a week. lol. I would like to a life of some sort.

Is the information I've been given accurate?
What is the true working schedule of the average Sous chef and/or Executive chef?

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miken123 in Humble, Texas

78 months ago

Yes, that is correct and unless you have your own money to open your own place and then pay some one else to work that schedule for you your in trouble. Or just find you the job with the number of hours you want to work. Might not the type of food you want to cook all day but at least you work the schedule you want. Just don't expect to be raised above that position. Every one wants a life outside of work. You have to really love to cook to do the job.

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