Interview Preparation

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming special events coordinator interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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stefanie in Muncie, Indiana

71 months ago

i need help on this one too

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Icarus in Johannesburg, South Africa

69 months ago

The most common questions are really logical pertaining to the industry, e.g.

Are you able to travel
Do you mind working long hours and over weekends
Can you work well under preasure and are you a team player
Are you good at making decisions
What sort of exposure and experience do you have

Event organising requires a lot of attention to detail, there are 4 basic areas with numurous sub categories, these are:

Human Resourses, Production, Hospitality and Security.

A big plus is to have been exposed to an Event that included Marketing. You must be a good all rounder having knowledge of elements such as Video pre and post production, technical knowledge, multi media design, scaled layouts and technical dimensions etc......the list goes on and on.

You must have excellent computer and communication skills and if anything the secret is to ensure that all you suppliers are briefed correctly and that they are all comfortable with the times specified to complete deadlines.

Good communication is vital when dealing with Clients, allow yourself some extra time when receiving requests for certain items and ensure that the suppliers deliver a few days early, that way you can still send info before the time, making you look good.

Always under promise and over deliver - works for me!

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cbowpitt in London, United Kingdom

66 months ago

I had my first stage interview last week.
Questions such as "what areas do you believe would let you down as an events co-ordinator" were what tripped me up. We all think about our positive attributes but be prepared with a negative about yourself which can easily be turned around into a positive comment.

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Karen Gisonna in Jackson, New Jersey

65 months ago

Hi, I have an interview on friday at Holiday Inn as a event coordinator. Is there any questions that i should be aware of and what kinds of questions can i ask the employer i don't want it to be just one sided. Thank you.

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