Tips for Special Investigator interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming Special Investigator interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

barryjohn51@*****.*** in Long Beach, California

91 months ago

The Reverse Play
In the beginning of my insurance career the majority of my claims were "Swoop and Squat" substandard auto fraud claims. Most of the time the vehicle gets rear ended. The claimants all complain of soft tissue neck and back injuries. They all go to the same attorney. The attorney sends them all to the same doctor. And every time they go for treatment they are put on a roller bed and they all claim that the doctor or chiro cracks their backs. I do not know about you but I was rear ended in an accident, and the last thing I want was to have anyone touch me. Also, the claimants always say they went forward when rear ended. What I used to do is carry two little toy cars, and a little wooden man. I would put one of the cars on the table (while recording). I would put the little man on the roof of the car. Then I would roll the other car into the rear end of the car with the man on it. I did it several times and the same thing happened. Upon impact every time I hit the rear of the man on the car he went backward every time. The last is the best. WHO IS RECORDING WHOM? After several years of this nonsense I realized that while I was taking recorded statements the claimants would always be very, very similar. On suspect claims I would take the recorded statements back to back, but one at a time. When I took the third statement I threw them a changeup. My statement usually would start off getting the personal info, the accident facts, and the medical details. After a while I caught on. While I was taking one of the statements, they had the telephone speaker on and were listing in the whole time in an adjacent room. So I reversed the way I took the questions and personal info with the third claimant. I would start off recording the medical info, where they were coming from and where they were going and the accident facts. The third claimant fell apart half way through the recorded statement. After that, a few days later the attorney sent me a "drop letter".

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