Top staffing specialist skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every staffing specialist must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your staffing specialist expertise?

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Rep in Sandusky, Ohio

40 months ago

Goal Orientation
Problem Solving

Do not spend your time focused on what everyone is doing/how they are doing it around you.

Before becoming indoctrinated, sit with a blank sheet of paper and write down your goals. Do not ask how many you should have just go by instinct. Tack that sheet to a wall as high as you can reach. On the next sheet write down what you think you will need in terms or resources to reach those goals. Do not ask how many or any qualifying questions. Go with your gut. Tack that below the first sheet. On the next sheet, how are you going to get those resources? Tack that blow the second. This is your process map.

Do not become a "generalist" recruiter. Pick the sector you most identify with- industrial, IT, services are broad examples. Become a subject expert. When you begin your work and potential clients ask what kind of recruiting do you do, do not say that you can do everything. By most practical terms, that may not be at least partially accurate but it is not what clients want to hear. That is similar to going to an interview and when what you did at ABC Company and your reply is you reciting the job description to the interviewer. Potential clients want to hear/see specialists. You are a full-process Web Development Recruiter!!! That carries more weight in terms of not only credibility but in functional effectiveness.

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