Addiction Counselor on Methadone

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ReneeAngelica in Peyton, Colorado

70 months ago

None ya: It is very unfortunate that people like you exist. So ignorant. It's sad, really.
BTW, I asked my addiction counselor at my clinic and she said that being on methadone should not be a problem. They actually prefer to hire recovering addicts because they have been through the same issues. Some clinics even require that you have been an addict before they will hire you. The patients relate more to someone who knows and has experienced what they are going through themselves.

Aww, does that make you angry? :)

And for the record, I have a job now. I've just always wanted to be an addiction counselor.
Don't assume that just because I'm an addict I don't have a job.
Haha, it makes me laugh how ignorant and absolutely ridiculous some people can be. :)

And thank you, msc10001. I wish there were more people in the world like you.

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Fritzbbbbbb in Sacramento, California

63 months ago

I have been clean & sober for 22 years. If you had asked me this question ten years ago I would have been highly judgmental and said No! Absolutely not! A person on methadone should not be a counselor and not even claim that they are sober. Now, I am more open. Back in the day, a person on Antabuse would not have been considered to be sober. I followed this train of thought for some time but today I think differently. A person who struggles to get clean and sober and who used his/her medication to stay clean and sober deserves my respect and compassion. If they take methadone, Antibuse or any similar doctor-prescribed medication to assist them in getting off their medication or staying on it until they no longer feel the need. Anyway more power to them. If they want to work in the field I think their experience, strength and hope would be valuable to the folks who wrote the question. An answer is coming their way soon!

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devinwisniewski in Westmont, Illinois

63 months ago

My name is Devin. I too am on a methadone maintenace program. I also am looking into the career field of drug and alcohol counsoling.
I am beggining to start repairing my life after alot of mistakes I have made due to my heroin addiction. I was released from prison nine months ago. About five months after that I found myself in the grips of heroin again. I went to a local methadone clinic and I truly believe that it saved my life. I am starting to thinnk about all the important things in life again. Recently I have been the target of discrimination in a rehabilitaion setting due to me taking methadone. I lost my license several years ago due to a DUI. Now I have to take a certain amount of outpatient classes in order to get my licesne back. However I was at a rehab center and they drug tested me. I actually found it quite odd that this place tests for methadone. Even my parol officers drug cup doesnt test for it. However my parol officer knows that I do take it. Either way these people insisted that I was just as bad as someone who was currently using illicit opiates on the streets if I was taking methadone and couldn't partake in any classes through their facilty if I was currently on methadone.
The reason I bring this up is because I do want to be a drug and alcohol counsoler and if I can't even be a patient of a certain facility while on methadone how could I work for such a place on methadone? I am a very intelligent individual and I know that after I get my record exphunged in five years that I will be able to excell and grab any career I want. Most people outside of the world of drug and alcohol counsoling don't care what medications you are on as long as you are a reliable employee.
To all of you out there who are on methadone. God Bless you all. I have first hand experience of a life of addiction and a life of recovery. I know what most of you went through and am thankful that you all are alive, well, and able to share your story.

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William Mercado in Brooklyn, New York

41 months ago

ReneeAngelica in Colorado Springs, Colorado said: I have a question.
I want to be an addiction counselor so very much, but there may be a problem because I have been on methadone for 3 years now and I'm not sure that I can be an addiction counselor while on methadone. Do you think that it is possible? To me, methadone is simply a medicine I take every day to stay well, just like someone with diabetes has to take insulin, or someone with liver problems has to take liver medication. Anyway, will it be possible for me to have the career I want while being on methadone? Does it depend on the employer? Any answers will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Please be advised, that many recovering addicts, and productive individuals, Judges, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Policemen, and Women are on M.A.T. (Medication assisted Treatment)for Opiates, Heroin addiction. Methadone is a legally prescribed medication,and individuals on this medication are protected by an Act of Congress, The American with Disability Act, and the laws enacted in 1973. No employer can discriminated against anyone who is legally prescribed any form of medication, that is not an illegal, illicit street drug. So, yes you can work as a counselor, and in any other field as well without feeling weary about being a Methadone, feel safe, and don't worry, be happy.

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ritarita in London, Ontario

36 months ago

Being an addictions counselor is very challenging work Many in the field are recovered addicts themselves. Be aware MMT therapy is not accepted by many residential treatment centres as many are based on complete abstinence. I currently work in this field and in an MMT setting what you are talking about is something I often hear patients speak about as a long term goal.
Here is my personal insights for what it is worth as a recovered addict myself. First make sure your recovery is well into the maintenance stage (a number of years sober) being in action stage you are still working on honing coping skills and developing emotional intelligence. This does not mean childishness but having awareness for different emotions and how they affect self. Active addiction robs you of the growth in this area someone substance free experiences. Be aware you will be bombarded literally dozens of times per day with situations you experienced that can be triggers. The job is taxing emotionally and a recovered addict can sometimes (in my case anyhow) find themselves over empathizing which can be sympathizing which is not productive for the patient working in contemplative , preparation or early action stages. Your journey is not their journey. Foremost..take courses at an accredited is a rewarding job in many aspects seeing lives change but the pay is poor,conditions are usually understaffed and physical dangers are inherent. I believe you have to have a passion to be good in this field...being an addict in recovery is both a help and a hinderance...Best of Luck in your journey forward

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