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Gina in Greenwood, Indiana

72 months ago

What kind of mathematics is involved in substance abuse counseling, and why is it necessary?

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Sally Ring in Marysville, Washington

66 months ago

In washington state, you need a 2 year college degree minimum. Math is part of that basic requirement. You can choose which math class you take. Some people take more of a business math class; some people take algebra. I wouldn't worry about Trig or Calculus.

In reality, I use math to evaluate the research articles I am reading. For example if I say that "All people like peanut butter cookies," but my sample size is only 5 people, this is not a valid stastic. You may choose a different 5 people (who have peanut alergies) and come up with a totally different statistic. People are always trying to destort statistics to make you believe what they want you to believe. You have to be like a detective and question research. Is it valid (a real measurement of what you want to test) and is it reliable (can it be repeated with the same outcome)

Hope this helps.
Sally Ring, MEd, CDP

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