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Continuing education

If I were to go to College for Surgical Technician and it was a technical diploma; would I still be able to go for an associates degree to further my...


Updated 5 days ago

ODP from the UK wanting to work in the US as a Surgial Technologist!! HELP PLEASE!! - 11 Replies

Hi Rob, I am a surgical technologist in the US, how can I work at an ODP in the UK??? Thanks, Michelle


Updated 8 days ago

Refresher courses for surg tech - 55 Replies

[QUOTE who="geminibunny in Miami, Florida"]I'm going to take your advice. I graduated in 2005 and didn't certify right away. I just called my school...


Updated 15 days ago

Tips for returning to surg tech work - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Torilynne in Florida"]After I graduated from school in July of 2014 I was unable to find work scrubbing. So. I took a job that was...


Updated 15 days ago

Surgical Tech with Bachelor's degree - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Tyler in Lincoln, Nebraska"]Hello, I am wondering the same exact thing as well because I am about to get my B.A. in Biological...


Updated 17 days ago

Has anyone taken the certification test? - 139 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mainty228 in Asbury Park, New Jersey"]Can some Please help me.. Had anyone take the Ncct Test.Its had changed in.Feb 17 2014. Can someone...


Surg tech school???????

Geez, I didn't realize there is so much to consider when looking for a school for my daughter Is there anyone in Tampa/Brandon FL area that can give...


Surg tech school???????

Geez, I didn't realize there is so much to consider when looking for a school for my daughter Is there anyone in Tampa/Brandon FL area that can give...


Updated 25 days ago

How hard is it to get a job as a Surgical Tech right out of school/training??? - 132 Replies

I am in the baltimore area, and I'm curious where you went to Surg Tech school...I'm getting ready to start applying. Thanks [QUOTE...


Updated 1 month ago

What's the difference between Surgical Technician and Surgical Technologist? - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jennifer in Lakeland, Florida"]CP in Buffalo is wrong. I am a Surgical Technologist... I do not have a degree. However, after attending a...


Updated 1 month ago

OB Tech - 151 Replies

[QUOTE who="Christine in Richmond, Virginia"]I Know you are probably burnt out with school right now but you should go back to school to become a...

Just Me

Updated 1 month ago

Surgical Tech? - 1 Reply



Updated 1 month ago

ATLANTA area Surg. Tech Schools...Any recommendations? - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="heather in Anderson, South Carolina"]well, if you were willing to make the drive and can get in quickly, the best tech program in georgia...


Updated 2 months ago

Sterile Processing job - 139 Replies

Hi i actucally work as spd tech here in va. I got hired with the experience of my clincial. No im not certified. Im just trying to get my yr...


Updated 2 months ago

Frustrated Surgical Tech - 54 Replies

[QUOTE who="ovstampco in Huntington Beach, California"]I agree , I'm not a negative person but if you read my posts on this forum you can see I'm...


Surgical Tech in Baltimore Maryland

Hi all, I've been an EMT for almost 10 years and am considering a change of scenery. I really want to go to Surgical Tech school. I read some of...

Medical Coding Seeker

Is a surgical tech job conducive to someone with A.D.D.?

Is a surgical tech job conducive to someone with A.D.D.? I have ADD and the only concern I have is staying focused for periods of time. Would that be...


Updated 3 months ago

Change of career to surg tech after getting a Bachelor's degree? - 7 Replies

I earned a BS in Health Science in '95, but never pursued a career in health. Not a lot of opportunity with this BS and most go on to pursue an MPH...


Updated 3 months ago

Surgical Tech - 348 Replies

I am thinking about getting back into the field. I burned out bad, did clerical for 4 years. What is new in L & D and ob? I do not lie the fact...


Updated 4 months ago

Surgical Tech Job Market TRUTH - 6 Replies

You're just selling a book and a pipe dream. Being a surgical tech is not worth it folks! Trust me. Just graduated. No jobs and the work is as...


Updated 4 months ago

Show me the money... - 468 Replies

[QUOTE who="cplank in Williamsport, Pennsylvania"][Quote rachel in Gresham, Oregon said: Get on the internet and do some research, as it varies...


Updated 4 months ago

Sterile Processing at Cornerstone College (Union City and Livermore) - 36 Replies

[QUOTE who="Hope Renewed in Aspen, Colorado"]As a sterile processor with 2 years experience, I would advise going to surgical tech school. More...


Updated 5 months ago

Dissappointed - 24 Replies

Moving to San Juan, Puerto Rico in August. Can someone please list any good hospitals. I heard techs in Puerto Rico, do not make over $12 is this...

sweetzee in Blythewood, South Carolina

Updated 6 months ago

Helpful websites for the SurgTech Certifying exam? - 205 Replies

Hello there everyone, My name is Joel Torres, I am a current surgtech student in Tomball College Surgical Technology Team. I am really...

foodlover in Carson, California

Updated 7 months ago

Is 22,000 for surgical tech school too much? - 204 Replies

I am looking into surgical tech schools, and found a one year program for 22,000 dollars. It is an accredited school, however arn't there hospital...

The judgemental one day will be judged in Akron, Ohio

Updated 8 months ago

Clinicals and Felony Conviction - 233 Replies

Hi All, I have a non-violent, non-sex related felony conviction (wire fraud) that has nothing to do with the healthcare field. I'm planning to...

Julie in Winder, Georgia

Surgical tech diploma

What do you think? Is there any significant difference? Thanks for any advice.

qpuwcsdr in Hyderabad, Anguilla

Updated 9 months ago

Getting a job with a Plastic Surgeon... - 58 Replies

I'll be starting a 15 month Surgical technology program this Oct. I must say I'm getting a bit nervous reading this forum and hearing how difficult...

CLB in Salt Lake City, Utah

Surgical Tech jobs in Salt Lake City?

I'm set to join the program soon and I was wondering if anybody wanted to share their experiences trying to get jobs in SLC or Utah as a new grad....

mgorman19 in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 10 months ago

Surgical Tech-Good move or not - 176 Replies

I am considering change of career to Surgical Tech. I am interested in Concorde Career College, have recently completed initial visit, I have...

Sheryl Davis in Lawson, Missouri

Updated 11 months ago

Questions on how to become the 1st assistant - 97 Replies

What do you have to in order to be the 1st assistant? I am trying to get into the surgical tech program at Houston Community College. Dose anyone...

myjj in Bronx, New York

Updated 11 months ago

How will a Surgical Tech grads gain required or perfered experience If a hospital will not hire them? ? - 731 Replies

I graduated 5-months ago and recently pass the CST.I have applied online and applied going to the diff hospitals in my area like Kaiser...

Running1987 in Brooklyn, New York

Sterile Processing Tech

Looking for different job opportunities after being laid off from hospital as a mental health worker. I am looking to return back to college for...

GregW in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

$500.00 to $750.00 Reward: For information on who is buying a C-Arm in OK, NE, AR, MO, KS, IA

No scam, legitimate business. We operate a business in OK, AR, NE, MO, KS and Iowa. Been in business for 15 years. All I need is the name of the...

DOAM in Somewhere, North Dakota

Updated 12 months ago

New Grad looking for work ASAP - 40 Replies

How long should it take for you to find work as a surg tech? I've been looking and sending out my resume and nothing happening. When I was doing my...

DOAM in Somewhere, North Dakota

Updated 12 months ago

Fresh out of college CST, having hard time finding work. - 6 Replies

I recently graduated from a vocational school as an ST and just got my certification, I'm having a hard time getting even an interview, as an ST. I...

LACST in los angeles, California

How hard is to find a CST job in the LA area, for someone with about 2 years of experience?

I was wondering if someone has any suggestions about finding a job as a CST in the LA are, with about 2 years of experience. I worked for about 1...

ODP UK in Abbots Langley, United Kingdom

Updated 13 months ago

Surgical Technologist in England - 120 Replies

My family is planning to relocate to London, UK. Does anybody knows if the job responsabilities are the same as in the USA. Are the salaries the same...

John Webb00 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 13 months ago

Surgical Technology at Las Positas college - 12 Replies

I want to become a certified surgical technologist. The brochure of this program at Las Positas college says that completing this program will...

Drew in Burke, Virginia

Updated 13 months ago

surgical tech or medical assistant - 2 Replies

I have always wanted to be a RN that works with babies, but I now have 5 kids and don't have time to finish nursing school... I am torn between...

Drew in Burke, Virginia

skilled medical MOHs surgical assistant with background in EMS

I'm a registered medical assistant with 4 years experience in as a surgical assistant in micrographic skin reconstructive surgery and in...

Dana in Grayson, Louisiana in Monroe, Louisiana

Updated 14 months ago

Surgical technicians as autopsy assistants - 79 Replies

Do surgical technicians make better forensic autopsy assistants/technicians or do nurses get careers in that field more easily? I am currently going...

ScrubTech in Chicago, Illinois

Prepping for certification exam...any suggestions?

Hi all. I left surgery a few years ago to further my education but decided that I missed scrubbing too much. I recently accepted a scrub tech offer...

Susana Rarick in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 14 months ago

Surgical Technician. Good Choice or not? - 4 Replies

Hello, I am really interested in becoming a surgical tech. Ive looked around school near by and I will end up having to pay about over 15000 out of...

ddtorres in Whittier, California

lvn to rn bridge?

Hello, I am currently a student at cal state long beach. I really want to be a rn but it is extremely impacted and it is just taking too long. I...

shawn in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 14 months ago

Travel Surg Tech - 387 Replies

I am thinking about doing a few surg tech travel assignments. Has anyone done any travel surg tech ??? What are some good companies to travel with??...

dd in Pomona, California

Updated 14 months ago

Surgical Tech School... - 19 Replies

Hi. i'm interested in learning all about being a surgical tech..anyone know of any schools in the los angeles area?? i went to a school today & they...

dd in Pomona, California

Updated 14 months ago


I AM in major need of knowing what is the best surgical texh program in LA.I have done days of research but am still torn between colleges. It seems...

Average in Winnersville, Massachusetts

Updated 15 months ago

Surgical Technology and job satisfaction - 2 Replies

Hello all, I appreciate any feedback I get because I really am unsure of what to do. I have enrolled to begin at a local technical college to...

MONIQUE in Baldwin, New York

Updated 17 months ago

Organ Transplant - 6 Replies

I am currently a ST student. It is my dream to work @ Mayo as a STSR in there Organ Transplant service! Any advice on how I can obtain my goal??

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