About wearing full PPE all day

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Silver in Denver, Colorado

41 months ago

I'm not a scrub tech but I'm looking into a job where I'd be precessing tissue for donations at Allosource. I'd be required to wear everything a tech does and wondering if I could get some feedback as to what it's like not being able to touch your face or anything else. How restricted do you feel?


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Cisco in San Leandro, California

40 months ago

Hey i thought of getting a job where im involved in removing tissue from the deceased. Same as you? What other companies do this? Very big and fast growing business. Nothing goes to waste. Everything is recycled. You shouldnt mind feeling icky, sweat etc. Its not for everyone but i didnt mind it much at all, i like to see blood, organs etc. I could eat a sandwich and watch that. As long as i have PPE on im happy. You still have plently of mobility. I would go to a school and see if you can try on what they put on Personal Protective Equipment for scrub tech. It just gets a lil muggy at worst. If your doing long surgeries its a lil different. I heard of diapers in some situations. But in a nutshell if you got an itch you cant scratch without contaminating. Bad habits are hard to break. Walking and the way you move however is very restricted as well, you must always face the table when moving etc. look up aseptic techniques in an Operating Room setting, their is a very precise art to how you put on and take off every piece of protection, how you hand everything etc. You dont do it right you contaminated the sterile area and people will get pretty pissed at you. Expect some yelling.

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