Tips for picking the right school to pass exam and land a job

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OkieCST in Inola, Oklahoma

59 months ago

It's sad to read so much negativity regarding this extremely interesting career. I recently graduated, passed my exam with flying colors, and landed a job 5 weeks before doing so. I think a lot of this boiled down to the school I chose.
First, I checked into cost. I chose a vocational technical school in my area. It is publicly funded due to the fact it offers programs to junior and senior highschool students as well as adult programs. They are grant eligible, and the program cost less than $3000.
Second, I checked the reputation of this school. This school was the first school in my city to offer this program and have been doing so for 30 years. We have 3 major hospitals in the city, not counting smaller ones and surgicenters, and those major hosptials only hire my school's students. Fabulous reputation! We have a high pass rate on the exam, i.e. 90% or better. Also, make sure they are accredited!
Third, I checked into where clinicals are done. Those 3 hospitals only take our students for clinicals. The high dollar "private" schools have waiting lists for clinicals because they have to send their students quite a distance for clinical sites. Our classes are typically 24 students, and all students have clinical spots guaranteed...especially since we have spots in some of the smaller places as well. Students are rotated through all available sites, and the facilities grab up our students even before we graduate. Our placement rate is roughly 90%.
Now, all this being said, your success depends greatly on you, the student. You have to study, particpate, and give your all if you expect to succeed. Pay close attention in clinicals because it will make what you learned in class all come together and make sense. Let things "sink in" all the way through school. We knew our stuff when it came time to sit for the exam. We used the AST study guide, but the Boegli book was the key to our passing.

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OkieCST in Inola, Oklahoma

59 months ago

By the way, I live about 30 minutes from the city, Tulsa, so I have a bit of a commute but it is well worth it. Also, DO NOT expect to get rich as a Surg Tech. No one get's "rich" in the medical field...been in the field for 20+ years and I'm certainly not rich. The cool thing about the medical field is the fact you can change directions within the I am doing.
Good luck!

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Monique in Petersburg, Virginia

47 months ago

I use to live in Tulsa, and of coarse as you can see I have moved.Thanks for the positive feed.I am currently in my last semester and preparing for the national exam. The problem I'm having is not being in clinicals.I'm on a waiting list and have not been in clinicals for the past two semesters, but completing all class work that is required. What is your take on this?

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