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ldelossa in New Brunswick, New Jersey

64 months ago

Hey guys I got an interesting predicament to deal with right now. I'm about to graduate at the age of 24 with a Undergrad in Psychology. My resume however has pc technician, a consult job, and now a system administrator role here at Rutgers University. I'm also certified in linux administration (just the basic linux+ test) and plan on doing CCNA and MCITP within the next six months. I'm heavily debating going for my masters tho however the way I look at it is getting my masters in IT administrattion is going to keep me out of work for another 3 years, I could try to get a system admin role and get 3 years of experience rather then going to grad school where I'd be BROKE when I get out.

What is your opinion about the market as of right now and what do you suggest I do? I went on a view interviews so far and I did feel like I was rather under-experienced however they were predominantly linux admin roles where I'm used to a 70/40 mix Windows to Linux respectively and got my certification as more of a way for me to learn.

I'm really stressed out right knowing wracking my brain on what I should learn next and how to get a good paying job. By the time I graduate I will have a 1 1/2 years of experience in system administration and before that I had 3 years of experience with Networking and Environment consulting- basically just going into a place, setting up servers, routers, and workstations and leaving until support was needed.

Thanks for the advice guys I look forward to reading your posts!

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