Tips for team manager interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming team manager interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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stacy14606 in Rochester, New York

113 months ago

-Tell me about a deadline you had to meet. What was the project? How much advance notice did you have? Were you successful in meeting your deadline?

-What kinds of decisions are most difficult for you to make at work?

-What do you do when you're having trouble with your job?

-Describe the most difficult problem you had to solve. What was the situation and what did you do? Would you do anything different next time?

-How would you define a good working atmosphere?

-Tell me about a time you had to work according to a policy you disagreed with.

-What goals have you established for yourself 3 years from now?

-What makes you the best person for the job?

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