Is my IT career ruined after being Terminated from a Technical Support Analyst position

Comments (4) in Lawrenceville, Georgia

73 months ago

In October 2009 I was terminated from my position as a Technical Support/Production Analyst after two years of exciting work. I was on the fast track in my position at this company. I was performing at a level that was very much above average and my immediate manager was pleased with my work for the most part. I was terminated because I mistakenly sent an email to an external client that violated company policy. I was devastated because I have never been terminated before. Although I was terminated, my former manager stated that I could list his as a positive reference and the details of the termination would not be mentioned to any potential new employer. He also provided some sound advice regarding one potential employer but unfortunately I did not get the job.

I am still unemployed. Can anyone tell me if being terminated from this position has ruined my career in the IT industry?

Derak in Sudbury, Ontario

72 months ago

I am still unemployed. Can anyone tell me if being terminated from this position has ruined my career in the IT industry?

I would say no your not ruined. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes they are major. The fact that you are able to excel in your previous position means that you have the tools to be successful. Sometimes you are good at what you do but others can\are always better. If you were the best and tought someone everything you knew it would only be a matter of time befoer they might pass your abilities. Stay positive and keep up to date on whats going on in your field, just because you have encountered a few bump in the road does not mean anything. I took a computer systems engineering course and was not the top of teh class but when something went caput I was allways the first one the teacher asked to stick around to fix. He even had me come in a teach some classes when he was not able to make it in. With that being said he gave me an outstanding reference, I applied everywhere and it took me 2 years to find a job in this field I delivered pizza's when I was out of work talk about feeling down. I am also a mechanic and could not get a job there either. Finally I was able to get a job and now I travel 2.5 hours to work and 2.5 back from work. Makes for a long day but I got the job. It has been almost 2 years and now I have an interview in the city I live in at the hospital, but this was not until the second round of interviews. The job market is not eazy right now and everyone and there brother is looking keep applying to all the jobs it will come.

handyman50475 in Rome City, Indiana

59 months ago

I was terminated for passing non work related emails to/from fellow employees and posted publications in our office with political or religious content. We all make mistakes and use poor/emotional judgments. We pray they don't follow us to closely as we make an effort change and be wiser and move on in life.
It is my understanding that an employer is not to pass on to recruiters inquiring of an applicants employment history, the details of their termination. I have nearly 30 years experience in electromechanical technology but I'm not getting the response from the numerous employers to whom I've applied. Patiently waiting.

daniel essuman in Accra, Ghana

56 months ago

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