What's the best screen capture software for everyday tech writing graphics?

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Marg in Chantilly, Virginia

86 months ago

What is the best screen capture software that allows for easy capture of screens and allows you to manipulate graphics?

Dean in North Liberty, Iowa

86 months ago

Check out SnagIt. I use that to capture the shots and then I use Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks for editing.

Erin in Charlotte, North Carolina

86 months ago

I agree with Dean. I use SnagIt for everything. You can download a free trial if you want to see for yourself. Go to www.techsmith.com/

Marg in Chantilly, Virginia

86 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions. My group just purchased it and I agree, it's quite handy.

Thanks again! :)

Rick in Racine, Wisconsin

85 months ago

Although I am a bit late in this topic, I have been using Snagit as my de facto standard for several years. It is well worth the price and even if you don't purchase it, it will still do the job quite nicely!

Of course, it depends on what you want to capture. A simple "Print Scrn" will do nicely for localized screen captures. But Snagit allows you to do scrolling captures as well as web captures which maintain all the links. And, of course, you can do interesting things with Snagit Studio which comes with it!

Ani in Knoxville, Tennessee

81 months ago

SnagIt is a great tool. However, I recommend that you also check out 'HiJaak Pro' by IMSI software. This product has not been updated for several years, but it is a great little tool!

Here is the IMSI web site link: www.imsidesign.com/Products/CreativeGraphicsCategory/HiJaakProv5/tabid/333/Default.aspx?gclid=CJTwmsvdvpUCFQJ-xgod71cJ2A

Techone in Portland, Oregon

76 months ago

Fastone Screen Capture does pretty much what Snagit does but is Free.

Eveline Red in New York

64 months ago

I recommend Screen VidShot by geovid. That is easy and has no any bugs.

Krazy in Plano, Texas

64 months ago

MWSnap! Excellent!


62 months ago

Give CyberSun Snap! a whirl. Works for us.

Paul- Lewis in Yakima, Washington

61 months ago

also try madcap mimic, wrote a set of procedures on it. Easy to use.

Adward Wong in Houston, Texas

60 months ago

I'm a bit late but I dare say that Democreator does it as well. It also allows you to record screen video.

David Mathi Raj in New Delhi, India

60 months ago

I am successfully using, SNAGIT. I do recommend it.

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