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Updated 2 days ago

What are typical tow truck driver salaries? - 33 Replies

I've been a driver and an owner , and I've made good salaries and have taken some losses. I've been in the industry for 20 years and have seen many...

HowToTow in Orting, Washington

Updated 1 month ago

starting a new tow truck business - 160 Replies


Raven in Woodside, New York

Updated 3 months ago

whats it like to be a tow truck driver - 6 Replies

i just got my cdl b and thinkin about applyin for a tow truck job to get experience to get a cdl job. whats it like when your not doing a call and...

tow truck chesapeake VA in Chesapeake, Virginia

hiring tow truck driver in CHESAPEAKE VA

hello all, if you live in the hampton roads area (MUST LIVE HERE) and are searching for a job as a tow truck driver please email me at...

djt627 in Newark, New Jersey

Updated 10 months ago

BAD PAY/LONG HOURS/24/7?????? - 59 Replies

listen i want to find out about starting a union for tow drivers..we work the longest hours 24/7 for the worst pay and get treated like dirt..anyone...

Crazyrojazz in Alameda, California

Updated 12 months ago

Top tow truck driver skills needed to get the job. - 93 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every tow truck driver must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your tow truck driver...

mason40777 in Huntington Station, New York


I just got my Tow Truck endorsement on my license. However no one wants to hire me cuz of lack of experience. I don't mind attending non pay training...

zsolt in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Getting a tow truck driver job. - 42 Replies

How did you get your start doing tow truck driver work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

Charles in New York, New York

Updated 40 months ago

Buying An Existing Towing Business - 1 Reply

I have read most of the forums and want to thank everyone for sharing what they know so candidly. I really don't appreciate the way some companies...

Greatwhitehunter in Monte Di Procida, Italy

Tow Truck Driver

Hi, I plan on opening a Tow Truck/Mechanic Shop Buisness in Pensacola Florida. Over head expenses for rent, insurance, vehicle insurance, fuel,...

jay in Dolton, Illinois


i live in illinois but looking to relocate. i have a ford f550 self loader that is willing and able. ive been towing in chicago for the last two...

Brianne_mckee in Owings, Maryland

Best advice for a newly started tow truck company

Im interested in advice,any advice would be greatly appreciated. We started up a three truck tow company and have just been towing nights and...

Ceelo in Staten Island, New York

Updated 56 months ago

Securing Funding - 1 Reply

Hey all, interested in getting my own tow truck and starting my side business in hopes of going full time. Problem is like most people I'm broke, got...

black canyon towing in Meridian, Idaho

Updated 57 months ago

Hydraulic - 2 Replies

can a tow truck let down it's load without the key? (lost keys)

roadrunner in Leeds, Alabama

Updated 62 months ago

Are tow truck driver job opportunities growing or declining? - 8 Replies

Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing? Where are the jobs? Which places have the most tow truck driver...

kenneth wilson in Harrison, Arkansas

Updated 63 months ago

TOWTRUCK - 3 Replies


rob in Havertown, Pennsylvania

anybody from shreveport la

Im moving to shreveport in june due to my fiance getting a job there ive been in the towing buidness for over ten years and have worked around all...

lmsinc in Greenwood, Indiana

Updated 66 months ago

day time running lights 06 international 4300 - 1 Reply

i drive an 06 international 4300 flatbed with air brakes how the hell do i disable the day time running lights im burning bulbs about one a moth its...

Paul in Murrieta, California

what info

i want to know all the requirements needed to be a two truck driver i have my own truck want to know what licenses i need pretty much everything i...

jsilva in Glendale Heights, Illinois

Updated 73 months ago

getting started towing - 1 Reply

trying to get towing service started its a head ache i already have my truck garage but i cant find a insurance company that can provide all the...

wnthilak@*****.*** in Doha, Qatar

Updated 78 months ago

becoming a registered service provider - 1 Reply

hey gang!! i am seriously considering purchasing a used tow truck to do junking & local towing. I already have a good pick-up that i would like to...

mudduck in Mashpee, Massachusetts

Updated 82 months ago

What do you enjoy most about your tow truck driver career? - 5 Replies

What do you enjoy most about being a tow truck driver? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...

Brian in Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Updated 82 months ago

What are the best tow truck driver qualifications and training to get ahead? - 3 Replies

What is the best training for becoming a tow truck driver? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective tow...

the little pinguin that does not like th in Montreal, Quebec

tow truck driving job

i need a job diving tow trucks in the south (fl. tx. az. nm.) i've been operating tow trucks since '94 and got my a-z licence with air brakes...

redskins1 in Woodbridge, Virginia

Updated 84 months ago

why is it - 1 Reply

that its so hard to find a good company to work for. that appreciates the work we do for them and the hours we put in..

Jodi in Tampa, Florida

Tow Truck License?

Looking to start a towing company in Florida. Is htere such a thing as a towing license? Also dow e need to register with IFTA?

dhanoa virinder in Manassas, Virginia

Updated 85 months ago

New Driver - 2 Replies

To start my own towing co in IL do i need any type of permits/certifications?

bobbyphenom in Mount Dora, Florida

Updated 85 months ago

towing career - 2 Replies

If companies are now considering towing cars a "career". I think they should start paying us like its a "career" and not like a part time inbetween...

AAA Trainer in Helena, Montana

Updated 90 months ago

Tips for tow truck driver interviews. - 4 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming tow truck driver interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

lucifer 24 7 in Mastic, New York

Towing Business on Long Island Suffolk County Up or Down?

What do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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