Preventable accidents? Swift

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simplyforgiven in Bend, Oregon

64 months ago

My husband has only been driving since July of last year. Right after he completed his training and was on his own he had what the company he worked for deemed preventable accidents-3 of them. One of them was really silly. He had a microwave and it fell when he had to stop suddenly and cracked the Qual-comm screen. Another, his trailer didn't attach right and even though he checked it when he started to go it fell and landed on something. The last one was he was parking because he was out of hours and there was no place to park. A bunch of other trucks went over a specific area at the truck stop and he followed. Something ended up hitting his oil pan and busted it. He was a new driver and his training consisted of team driving with an experienced truck driver. Not sure how that is training but whatever...they were rookie mistakes and the company kept him on and he hasn't had any other issues in at least 6 months. We moved and now he is trying to get a job with Swift and even though his driving record is clean I'm guessing the company reported them to Swift. Anyone have experience with this? I'd love to know if Swift is going to hire him. He's already been through orientation. Why don't they check this stuff before they bring people out. Doesn't make sense to spend all the money just to kick them to the curb.

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