What are the best Tutor qualifications and training to get ahead?

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What is the best training for becoming a Tutor? What types of ongoing training or certifications are necessary to be an effective Tutor?

What do non-traditional career paths look like?

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Catherine Jane Garcia in Vancouver, British Columbia

49 months ago

Hi! I was also wondering if there are any qualifications or certifications that I need to look for when I hire a tutoring Vancouver service provider. I'm planning to pay for the services of a private, in-home tutor from www.mygradebooster.com for my grade 8 daughter. I only want what's best for her, so I want to make sure that I ask the right questions and look for the right certifications in order to select the right tutor. Does anyone know more about this topic? Thanks!

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Coolguy43 in Philippines

35 months ago

FIND THE RIGHT TUTOR - it's one of the most challenging things to do for a parent. I suggest you try first for a few sessions and not sign up for a long term. You can also try those online sites like preply.com/en if you want more options.

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OOTB Tutoring in Vancouver, British Columbia

7 months ago

This is a great question. I personally believe the most important aspect in finding the right tutor is - experience and qualification. Qualification is something you can improve by taking online course, attending seminars however experience only comes with time. The more you teach, the better you get. For more information you can visit my website



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