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LGR from New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago

Does anyone know about something " Kirtland Community College" vascular sonography online program ??? - 2 Replies

Karry THANK you so much for you time, that was very helpful. I will try to see how can I talk to people that work in hospitals in my area to get some...


Updated 8 months ago

Exchange ARDMS, SPI (physics), ARDMS Abdomen, & RVT (VT) - 4 Replies

Do u have audio for breast and vascular.I am interested


Updated 8 months ago

Opinions about IUD and SMAHE online programs - 67 Replies

[QUOTE who="Megan in Baton Rouge, Louisiana"]Just curious if anyone has completed the 1 year resident program with IUD recently?[/QUOTE] Were you...


Updated 8 months ago

OB/GYN ARDMS exam - 24 Replies

Does anyone have notes for the ARDMS Ob/GYN board exam they would be willing to share? If so please send to Greenies02@hotmail.com


breast ultrasound boards

Hello, Does anyone have review material for breast ultrasound boards? I will purchase it from you. Email me at ilenadova@gmail.com Thans

Zayna Maaz

Updated 8 months ago


Waas wondering if you passed your exam? Taking it in a few weeks. Any help will be appreciated.


Updated 8 months ago

What School to choose...... Anywhere in the US - 1 Reply

I would research the basic requirements for 5-10 schools and do the prereq's locally and apply to them all. Then move where your accepted. Most...


Updated 8 months ago

ARDMS Breast Davies CD Mock Exam - 6 Replies

no one ever got back to me with this one


Updated 8 months ago

Career change to ultrasound/sonography. Any advice? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="LaraBR in Boca Raton, Florida"]Hello all! I am 28 years old and graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelors Degree...

Richard Barham

Updated 8 months ago

Florida Institute of Ultrasound - 72 Replies

The instructors are incompetent and inefficient. the owners have one goal, to milk the students for every penny they cane. The school lacks resources...


Updated 8 months ago

How does a ultrasound scanning interview work? - 1 Reply

Yes you scan could be a patient or staff.

ESP Ultrasound

Updated 9 months ago

RMSK - 1 Reply

ESP Ultrasound is offering three registry review seminars in 2014 for the RMSK exam. Visit our website at www.esp-inc.com/msk Hope to see you...


Edleman Vascular Ultrasound 2013 book

Hi, I have 2013 Edleman's Vascular Ultrasound book for sale. Price is $165. Email me at vadhiya@yahoo.com if interested. Thanks.


Updated 9 months ago

Performing vascular exams with only an RDMS certification? - 4 Replies

Looks like in Wisconsin the major insurance administrators require that the sonographer is vascular certified or that the lab is accredited....


Nova University Ultrasound program

I want to apply to Nova University's Ultrasound program but I do have some reservations. 1. The program is very expensive 2. I would like to know...


Breast ultrasound

Does anyone have any study material, reviews, etc for Breast registry?


Updated 9 months ago

sonography at 37+ - 57 Replies

I will give you credit for something Crazyhorse, although you don't have a clue you sure are passionate about your crusade against the education...


Updated 9 months ago

UK Sonographer emigrating to America - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="Drkavangandhi in Spring, Texas"]I am a registered vascular sonographer in texas . Would like to know more about the position if its still...


Updated 9 months ago

Looking for a tutor for ultrasound physic - 16 Replies

Looking for someone to tutor me for the abdominal ultrasound registry. Please email me at lilsisnaomi@yahoo.com

Kyle LV

Updated 10 months ago


Yes email me cncfan6969@hotmail.com


Does the school matter when hiring?

Hello all, I have a question for the South Florida sonographers. I know the job market is bad but I wondered if a graduate would stand a better...


Opinion on how to start a mobile ultrasound.

Im a foreign medical graduated MD and did an ultrasound in general and abdominal ultrasound training in NJ. I have a portable 2011 ultrasound machine...


Updated 10 months ago

Accredited Ultrasoun Tech Schools in San Diego,CA - 339 Replies

There are quite a few interesting situations you can get in to in both fields. The medical field may not be for you if you can't deal with bodily...


Updated 10 months ago

Ultrasound Tech - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Elle_elle in Jensen Beach, Florida"]I just graduated from ultrasound school. My advice is don't bother pursuing this career. The job...


Updated 10 months ago

Diagnostic Medical Sonography - 451 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana"]Now, you can quote that, but it's not accurate. Even if places need more techs, they will have you...


Updated 10 months ago

1 year cardiac or general programs? - 2 Replies



DMS program

Hello everyone.. I am a late 30 male (Southern California), looking to a future career of ultrasound. I have some questions, for those who are...


Updated 10 months ago

6-12 month general ultrasound program? - 1 Reply

buy materials online. self study. save money.


Updated 10 months ago

Steps to becoming Diangnostic Medical Sonographer? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nooni in Anonymous Proxy"]I've been on the internet all day trying to find the specifics on becoming a DMS. I've done lots of research...



*Have a paper due for my college and i have to interview someone .... So is there Any ultrasound techs out there that I can interview thru email?

Anthony Lewis

Updated 10 months ago

Entry Level Position for Vascular Tech - 1 Reply

I understand your situation quite well. While I can't assure you get the job you want, I can offer a technique to improve your knowledge of what jobs...


Updated 10 months ago

Expunged record for DISMISSED charge and criminal background check for licensure - 1 Reply

Expunged means that you were convicted of the charge and then the charge was later vacated. If they asked about expunged convictions; and you had...


Updated 11 months ago

Alternate careers/positions for RVT? - 3 Replies

we are also being forced to scan well over 12 patients per day. I learned to become a switch scanner, like a switch hitter. I scan a few with my...


Updated 11 months ago

ARDMS RDCS test Adult Echo - 18 Replies

I have a 2005 copy of the Davies ADULT ECHO registry review BOOK. The questions are EXACTLY like the NEW edition. I checked and returned the new copy...


Updated 11 months ago

ARDMS Eligibility - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Roger in San Francisco, California"]For echo, yes. Once you pass the program, sit for CCI. 3 weeks after that, you will get a certificate...


Updated 11 months ago

Newbridge College In CA - 94 Replies

Well good for you, you are one of the very very few! About 99.9% of the ultrasound students don't have a bachelor degree that is why they are there....


Cross training programs

Looking for cross training programs in FL, NY, MA, CT, DC, or MD?


Updated 11 months ago

Unaccredited Ultrasound school placement rate, sitting for ARDMS, CCI? - 1 Reply

There are many topics just like yours already posted. Try looking for them. Job market for ultrasound is tough. Make sure you really want it. go to...


Updated 11 months ago

Ultrasound school help - 3 Replies

This has to be schools...


Updated 11 months ago

PCCTI in Chicago - 216 Replies

O.K LOL! MOST of the FEES are posted RIGHT on their website for you too see.. PLUS they add a $300 fee before you start. You obviously work for the...


Cross Training

Anyone know of any cross training courses that an already registered tech can take?


Diagnostic Medical Sonography vs Vascular Sonography v. Radiology v. MRI Tech

I currently am attending school in Toledo, OH with hopes upon graduation of moving to Ann Arbor, MI to work. I have to decide on the above majors...


Updated 11 months ago

General, Vascular, or Cardiac? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="sme in Sacramento, California"]Need honest opinions. Due to homelife situation, I find myself at 55 years back in school. Finished all...


Updated 11 months ago

ultrasound tech school - 80 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lily in Zanesville, Ohio"]Good luck at getting a job in Ohio! The state is flooded with sonographers, and you can bet that for every...


Updated 11 months ago

Ultrasound Jobs in Canada - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="LoganJohn in Los Angeles, California"]Tiffany, I'm canadian citizen now and applying for one is super easy since your american it took...


Updated 11 months ago

Trouble finding a job - 118 Replies

I am currently attending ICC and also agree with all of this. please let me know if you are filing this and what I would need to do to help and get...


ESP vascular review

Looking to buy the ESP vascular seminar book, please email me if anyone is Selling one!! Jkmessenger@yahoo.com


Updated 12 months ago

CCI-RVS exam problem - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Laylah in California"]Zinky, Congrats on passing in June! Can you share some resources you used to study? I'm taking mine...


Updated 12 months ago

ARRT in Sonography Studying - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="LoJ2 in New Jersey"]The ARRT Exam in Sonography is a piece of cake. It covers Physics, OB/GYN, and Abdomen, plus some Quality Assurance...


Updated 12 months ago

Ultrasound Tech Schools In Michigan - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lisa in Marine City, Michigan"]My daughter is looking to enrol in an ultrasound program and has heard nothing but negative comments...

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