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Hobo2012 in California

Updated 12 months ago

Your Starting Salary Out of Sonography School - 1 Reply

For sonography students like myself, I thought it would be helpful and interesting to see what type of salary is out there for graduating sonography...

T Shorts in Atlanta, Georgia

Athens Technical College cancelled ultrasound / sonography program

I just called Athens Tech (which is listed as an accredited school by CAAHEP) to get information about enrolling my wife and was informed the program...

adycooney in Huntington Beach, California

Sponsoring Sonographer / Employer Huntington Beach

We are still struggling with ARDMS after emigrating from the UK. My wife sat and passed the SPI but cannot qualify for the Remaining RDMS exams as...

Celeste in Huntington Beach, California

Updated 13 months ago

Orange Coast College - 28 Replies

Hey everyone...I was wondering if anyone here attended/is attending Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa...I am thinking about attending and I wanted...

legareunc1@gmail.com in Statesville, North Carolina


Are there any sonographers from the Charlotte area here? I am looking for networking opportunities. I have experience, and I am looking for jobs.

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 13 months ago

Has any Sonographers emigrated to the States from the UK? Help needed. - 2 Replies

Hopefully someone can help us, we don't seem to get anywhere with ARDMS direct. We moved over from the UK last year, I have an L1 Visa and my wife...

Jen in Seymour, Indiana

Neurosonography Exam

I am interested in taking the neuro registry but am unsure if what to study from. Davies has made books for the other tests I've taken so I'm at a...

SheenaRT in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 13 months ago

Echo Student....Is CAAHEP accrediation necessary? - 4 Replies

Is there anyone here who is a Echo student who is attending a school that is not CAAHEP accrediated? Or is there anyone who is an RDCS or a...

LaurenAlexis0924 in Spring, Texas

Updated 13 months ago

ESP Physics and Abdomen review books - 13 Replies

I have spiral bound copies of the ESP physics from 2009, and Abdomen review books from 2009. They are copies, so the pics in the abdomen are not the...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 13 months ago

Diagnostic Medical sonography programs - 1 Reply

hello! I was looking for some advice. Im interested in becoming an ultrasound technician so I have been looking into various diagnostic medical...

Chris in Portland, Oregon

Updated 13 months ago

question about ultrasound images - 2 Replies

Hello all! My question is off topic but I would appreciate any input anyone can offer. My cat recently had an abdominal ultrasound. I am changing...

Amanda in Liberty, Texas

Davies Vascular Mock Exam CD-ROM

I am looking for Davies Vascular CD-ROM if anyone has a copy for sale please email me at amanda.d.denny@gmail.com Thanks!

deltasquadron in San Francisco, California

Updated 13 months ago

Questions on getting certified in specialties after the SPI - 5 Replies

So my questions are that I want to get certified in general sonography and then get the added certification in OB/GYN, ABD, FE and PE. I haven't done...

Travis Cram in San Miguel De Tucuman, Argentina

Updated 13 months ago

ultrasound physics tutor - 2 Replies

I am looking for a ultrasound physics tutor in southern California. Anyone know of someone who can tutor?

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 13 months ago

Who would give new grads a break? - 18 Replies

Where are all the jobs for new grads? Most ultrasound technician jobs want at least 1 year "working" experience. I cannot relocate as my husband...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 13 months ago

Looking at three different DMS programs - opinions needed - 2 Replies

I've applied to three different programs in my area and was wondering if I could bounce them off some people in the field. What is important to me is...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 13 months ago

Ultrasound hard to find jobs - 1 Reply

These are desperate times that call for desperate measures. My husband and I moved from Cali to Montana just to get a job. He graduated from an...

Pricilla93 in Elk Grove, California

Updated 13 months ago

applying to Kaiser CAAHEP accredited school - 7 Replies

I am 48 and am applying to an accredited 18 month program near my home starting in April 2012. I currently earn a very decent salary conducting...

CFIscammed in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Updated 13 months ago

Central Florida Institute - 378 Replies

Just wondering if anyone has attended this school and what your thoughts are on the education you get there, I am interested in their cvt class

Michelle000 in Florida

Updated 13 months ago

Don't go to Central Florida Institute - Bait and Switch Scam - 2 Replies

You can go to their website right now and see how they advertise their program. http://www.cfinstitute.com/Sonographer.php They say they train you...

Lola in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 13 months ago

abdomen ultrasound - 8 Replies

hi Any body who want to sell images books for abdominal ultrasound,right now i am studying Burwin books i borrowed it from some one but that time...

ray in Chatsworth, California

Updated 14 months ago

Getting a job as an Ultra Sound Tech? - 1 Reply

I'm graduating from high school this year and I'm starting to look into ultra sound programs after I complete community college, I've read a lot...

ihaveaquestion in Toronto, Ontario

Ultrasound for cattle on humans?

Hi there, I'm trying to get an answer to a a question regarding ultrasounds. So far, I've had no luck. Maybe someone on this forum will have the...

Fatima M in Glendale, California

Updated 14 months ago

ARDMS exam material - 1 Reply

Hi, I am selling 2012 SPI exam review of sidney eledman. I passed my physics just studying through this book. if anyone interested to but the hard...

Fatima M in Glendale, California

Updated 14 months ago

ARDMS Vascular Exam - 5 Replies

Just posting to get an idea of how hard the vascular exam is. I went to an accredited school that concentrates in a general program. We are not...

Jody in New York, New York

Updated 14 months ago

CAAHEP NYC Accredited Sonography School Question - 9 Replies

Hi there guys. I'm Alex, 22 years old, a student of JJ College of Criminal Justice in New York City. I'm about to go to SUNY Medical Center...

Liz in La Puente, California

Edleman Abdomen book from seminar wanted

Please email me if you have one to sell, my email: lizcures@yahoo.com. Thanks everyone!

terri4 in texas, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Moving out of state for jobs. Advice appreciated. - 8 Replies

Hello everyone. I am graduating from my DMS program here in Texas in December and am planning on taking my abdomen and vascular exams very shortly...

KT in Naugatuck, Connecticut

4D ultrasound business in NY

Im looking to start a 4D ultrasound business in NY. Does anyone know what the laws, rules, and regulations are on this kind of business in NY? Does...

Zayna Maaz in Glendale, California

Updated 14 months ago

I'm selling my Ultrasound books & Davies CD Rom - 25 Replies

Hi, I am selling some ultrasound books on Amazon, including my Davies Ultrasound Physics book ($42), Stocksley Abdominal Ultrasound, Gibbs Ultrasound...

wendy in Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Updated 14 months ago

ARDMS SPI - 4 Replies

I'm taking the ARDMS April 19th. Anyone local want to form a study group? Local to me is Clifton, Rutherford, Newark, Harrison, Kearny, bascially all...

atlgirl in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago

selling all the books for echo and vascular registry stuff - 1 Reply

i have cci vascular registry self assessment exam review = 100 question vascular technology by davies= for a review text. 3rd edition i have burwin...

Hillary in Sedan, Kansas

Updated 14 months ago

Want to buy Adult Echocardiography workbook - 10 Replies

Do any has a copy for sale? Thanks.

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 14 months ago

! year program in FL - 3 Replies

Hello all, I am looking for a 1 year of less DMS program in Florida. I am not worried about accreditation, I just want the training. I am aware...

ray in Chatsworth, California

Updated 14 months ago

Thinking of becoming a Sonographer in New York City. Any advice? - 3 Replies

Hi all.I am thinking of becoming a Sonographer, I currently applied for LIU Brooklyn. Is it a good college for DMS? Any other college i can go for?...

Britni in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 14 months ago

How much would a cardiovascular Sonography command in the form of an hourly salary? - 3 Replies

I want to know because I saw earlier reports that someone with their RVT and RDCS and RDMS could command a higher salary with their number of...

Andromeda in Los Angeles, California

Updated 14 months ago

Cypress College, CA - 2 Replies

Hello, I am currently finishing my GE to be able to transfer them to Cypress College to obtain an Associate's degree in Diagnostic Medical...

LetsShareKnowledge in Los Angeles, California

Updated 14 months ago


I been attending Career Colleges of America in West LA and I was just informed yesterday that the school will be dropping there name and they are...

ray in Chatsworth, California

Updated 14 months ago

Hey! Why are they saying only $25k per anumm for the DMS career?! - 3 Replies

http://www.indeed.com/forum/job/ultrasound-technician.html While, at the BLS.gov website, they have it as 60k?! That's one of the reasons why I...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

Spi material I posted on eBay. - 2 Replies

http://bit.ly/JThBFy Check other listings also.

larry in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 14 months ago

Help! Need more ultrasound training. - 29 Replies

was wondering if anyone can give me advice on additional training in ultrasound. My clinical experiences were not that great and I interviewed for...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

Any advice for HS students??? - 1 Reply

Hello I am looking for any advice for becoming a ultrasound tech Even though I have 2 more years left of high school, I would like to gain a lot...

L6870 in Texas

Study Materials for Sale!

I finally passed my RVT exam, and have study materials for sale. I also have some general and echo materials for sale as well. I've taken my RDMS and...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

No sonography programs around.. - 1 Reply

I'm a military spouse. The last two duty stations we've been at haven't offered any sonography programs near by. I'm 27 and I have a 12 month old. I...

brasherk in Gulfport, Mississippi

Updated 15 months ago

IUD Med in Mobile Alabama - 1 Reply

Looking for input from current/past students that have attended the Institute of Ultrasound Diagnostics in Mobile, Alabama. Just trying to find out...

Amber in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Salary in South Florida - 3 Replies

Does anyone know the current salary in South Florida? Hospital and private setting.

LGR from New Jersey in little ferry, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

Does anyone know about something " Kirtland Community College" vascular sonography online program ??? - 2 Replies

Hello Guys...I'm getting desperate at this time. I graduated last may, have a bachelor in exercise physiology, I really enjoyed my internship at a...

jobseeker76 in Oak Park, Michigan

Updated 15 months ago

Exchange ARDMS, SPI (physics), ARDMS Abdomen, & RVT (VT) - 4 Replies

Hi everyone. I have a lot of material for SPI review Abdomen review Vascular review Neurosonology I would like to exchange to OBGYN...

brasherk in Gulfport, Mississippi

Updated 15 months ago

Opinions about IUD and SMAHE online programs - 67 Replies

I am intrested to know more information from current and former students expereinces of these 2 institutions IUD-Institute of Ultrasound...

Greenies02 in Fort Myers, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

OB/GYN ARDMS exam - 24 Replies

Hi, Does anyone know how can I Diagnose the lie and presentation of fetuse on the Ultrasound picture in ARDMS? Thank You

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