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Laholb in Mocksville, North Carolina

Updated 15 months ago

Is this reasonable - 27 Replies

My wife is an ultrasound tech with 5 years experience,professional registration, and has a BS in radiologic technology. She works at at our local...

tareq in Bronx, New York

job availability after passing ultrasound tech from sandford

I want how is the sandford brown for ultrasound in newyork. how is the job availabiity after I pass. please suggest me.

Preety in Brampton, Ontario

Ultrasound school in Toronto

Hi Fellows ! Just to let you know that i just graduated from a school in Brampton in Abdomen / Small parts / OB/ GYN and then after doing my...

Edgar in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 16 months ago

Pediatric Echo Study Material - 2 Replies

Please share your experience what to study for ARDMS pediatric echo. I have hard time to obtain necessary study material for it. Thank you.

Pablo Honey in Brooklyn, New York

Has anyone attended Sonography program in Sanford Brown or AIMS after they have been accredited by CAAHEP?

Has anyone have any information about these schools? I see all the information about these school and most of the comments are inaccurate and old....

sonographyexams in Patiala, India

Online Physics Help

Hi i run online classes for physics(ARDMS).you can get in touch with me via email to get further details.My email is sonographyexams@gmail.com

xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

Updated 17 months ago

Radiology technologist/ Medical diagnostic Sonographer advice - 4 Replies

I'm in my late 20's and I want to go back to school. I attended art school 8 years ago but gave up on that dream. Now I'm feeling lost and confused...

Administration in Stratford, Connecticut

Updated 17 months ago

AIHT (American Institute of healthcare and technology) - 15 Replies

Any one have any idea about this? I would like to go for the DMS(ultrasound tech) it is a total of 20 months, plus a year of internship to be able to...

Gina in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Updated 17 months ago

3D/4D ultrasound wages - 6 Replies

I work for a 3D/4D imaging place. I'm a new grad, I have my ARDMS in OB/GYN. I'm on call all the time and I feel like I get paid very little per...

Shannontm in Glenwood, New Jersey

Updated 17 months ago

AIMS education:nj review? - 2 Replies

Does anyone have any reviews on AIMS Education in South Plainfield NJ? How is the ultrasound program? Is the market over saturated?

breeann in Houston, Texas

Updated 18 months ago

Sanford Brown College - Cardiovascular Sonography/Technologist program in Houston Tx - 4 Replies

Good Evening, I am interested in attending this program but I am unsure of the idea on whether, upon graduation, I will be a cardiovascular...

Jam in Chicago, Illinois

Buying ESP Abdomen book 2009 or more

Hi guys, I am looking to buy esp abdominal ultrasound 2009 or above. Just leave your email here with the edition and I'll be in contact!

FutureTech99 in San Diego, California

Updated 18 months ago

Post Primary Pathway - 2 Replies

Im currently a Rad Tech student working on my AS in radiologic sciences. I want to become a ob/gyn sonographer but there is really only one school in...

Dev in Brampton, Ontario

Ultrasound Cable Brace Armband

Does anyone know where I can buy an Ultrasound Cable Brace Armband in the GTA?

HawksEye in Sioux City, Iowa

Updated 19 months ago

Picking a Temp agency - 6 Replies

I'm an experienced, registered sono tech considering doing some traveling work . Don't have a clue about Temp agencies. Do folks pick one and stick...

Iram in Mississauga, Ontario

Updated 19 months ago

Abdomen Registry Notes? - 6 Replies

Anyone have any notes from what was on their exam? It would be much appreciated :-) casi_rdms@yahoo.com

applying to YNHH in Waterford, Connecticut

Updated 19 months ago

Yale-New Haven Hospital's School of Diagnostic Ultrasound in New Haven, Connecticut - 29 Replies

Hi everyone, I'm strongly considering going through the accredited Ultrasound program offered by Yale New Haven Hospital. I know it's pretty costly...

Echorules in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Updated 19 months ago

Criminal background and ARDMS - 17 Replies

I am in my 4th month of an ultrasound program, and after going over the ARDMS website, I am suddenly petrified that a couple of incidents from a long...

sam in Mississauga, Ontario

Semi-Ineractive Console in SPi exmams

has anyon egiven exams with this new SICS in SPI what are they and how it effects our Score..????

maggie in Byron Center, Michigan

Davies Vasc Tech CD (MAC) for sale

Hello, I have a Vascular Technology Davies CD for a MAC computer for sale if anyone is interested.

Rosie in Texas

Ultrasound in infertility! (Job wise)

Hello everyone, I am currently an ultrasound student who will be graduating in a couple months. I am very intrigued by the role if ultrasound in...

Forkn in Santa Ana, California

Updated 20 months ago

American training school in West New York NJ,reviews, please!!!Any advise? - 4 Replies

Hello,ALL. I am thinking to study stenography In American Training School for Medical Professionals in West New York,Nj http://atsmp.com. Does...

felirose jugo in Mountain View, California

Updated 20 months ago

Need ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Review Study Guide - 15 Replies

What materials should I study for the ARDMS Adult Echo Registry Exam? I really don't want to buy "Q&A" study guide.

Koppy in New York

Associates in Ultrasound Tech

Are there any schools near Watertown that I coud go for my associates for ultrasound ? I have been looking, but it seems like my only choices are to...

Christi.m.davis@*****.*** in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

selling my Echo and Vascular books - 8 Replies

Vascular Technology by Claudia Rummel - used and highlighted $60 Davis Vascular CD rom Q&A review for ARDMS $60 Davis Vascular Q & A review for...

cyndihunter in Riverside, New Jersey

Updated 20 months ago

AIMS (Allied Health Care and Training Institue) Anyone know about the Ultrasound program here. - 3 Replies

Has anyone taken up the Ultrasound program at this school in Piscataway, NJ. I am in the process of signing up for their Ultrasound Program in FEB,...

cyndihunter in Riverside, New Jersey

AIMS in Piscataway, NJ and ARDMS ??

Does anyone have any insight on AIMS in Piscataway, NJ. It is CAAHEP accredited and says you can sit for the ARDMS after completion but it's only a...

raysrad in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Updated 20 months ago

clinical assessment - 1 Reply

Hi, does any body have some information about the clinical assessment for CARDUP registration. Thanks

sadia khan in Waterloo, Ontario

Looking for Davies CD and Burwin module 4 for gyn and obs

Hi, I will be giving my gynae/obs exam soon. Im looking for the material available on the Davies CD. And i'm also looking for burwin module 4...

BeeQ in Santa Ana, California

Updated 20 months ago

What is needed? - 52 Replies

Thinking about US as a second career when I retire from my current career. I will be 49 years old and was curious about a few things? Can I take some...

Forkn in Santa Ana, California

Updated 20 months ago

Opinion on how to start a mobile ultrasound. - 2 Replies

Im a foreign medical graduated MD and did an ultrasound in general and abdominal ultrasound training in NJ. I have a portable 2011 ultrasound machine...

Kevin Catuna in phoenix, Arizona

Updated 21 months ago


I am a student at WCUI and am SHOCKED!!! by what I have been reading on these forums! I have no idea where all of this venom is coming from. I am in...

Forkn in Highland, California

Updated 21 months ago

Sonography Job Shadowing Issues? - 9 Replies

I'm interested in becoming a sonographer. The only problem is NO ONE will let me observe them. I'm shocked. I work as a pharmacy technician and have...

Forkn in Highland, California

Updated 21 months ago

disadvantages for going to non-caahep accredited/ accredited but 2 year program vs. 4 year accredited program for experienced - 2 Replies

wondering if I should go back to caahep school after 15 years of this field with 4 registries... If you are an experienced sonographer, please...

ali212 in San Diego, California

Updated 21 months ago

Accredited Ultrasoun Tech Schools in San Diego,CA - 339 Replies

I noticed a posting with this question b4 but with no response. I'm very intersted in this field but having a hard time finding a school in San...

rdhlady14 in Hope Mills, North Carolina

Updated 21 months ago

Job outlook!???? - 58 Replies

I just got accepted into a dms program and start in the fall, but I'm sooo nervous because I keep coming across forums with people stating there are...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 21 months ago

Ultrasound- Bachelors degree - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I just graduated high school and have taken 90 community college credits in the last two years... I want to become an ultrasound...

Edan in Terryville, Connecticut

Anyone in CT ready to take Abdomen?

We can share info.

malena in Hoboken, New Jersey

American training school in West New York NJ,reviews, please!!!Any advise?

Hello,ALL. I am thinking to study stenography In American Training School for Medical Professionals in West New York,Nj http://atsmp.com. Does...

Jamie in Palm Springs, California

Updated 22 months ago

For those who recently passed the 1 part CCI RVS - what to study?? Any help appreciated - 1 Reply

Please email me christinem313@gmail.com or reply to this post.

melodee in Lynwood, California

CV form

Hi I have a question when some one signs your CV form is the person notified or contacted by ardms.

odchen in Irvine, California

Updated 22 months ago

Ultrasonography - 376 Replies

Hello, I need some help. I was accepted to Nursing school and Ultrasonography. I am leaning towards Ultrasonography. I think Nursing offers lot...

Walnut in New City, New York

Ultrasound schools in NY/NJ

I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ACCREDITED ULTRASOUND SCHOOLS. i CAME ACROSS The New Jersey Institute of Ultrasound. Has anyone heard of it ? Any...

Kim in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 23 months ago

passed spi - 1 Reply

670 out of 700 :) ...SICs were lil tricky ..need to master in basics..thts it!!! Can teach with all the study material if anyone interested..

ReinaSF in San Francisco, California

Updated 23 months ago

Interested in Ultrasound Tech as a career, but confused - 2 Replies

Hello! As the title says, I am very interested to become an ultrasound tech. I have been looking for colleges, and will start to apply within the...

Hobo2012 in California

Updated 23 months ago

Job outlook - 2 Replies

Post your state and how long you have been looking for a job. Thinking about moving but want to find a state where jobs are available. Thanks.

Nini1922 in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 23 months ago

Good Sonography Programs in NYC or Westchester area? - 3 Replies

I have my bachelors in Psychology and interested in pursuing a career as an Ultrasound Tech. I am currently researching different programs in the...

hta15 in New York

Updated 23 months ago

Diagnostic Medical Sonography program at Sanford Brown NYC? - 1 Reply

I am seriously considering going into diagnostic medical sonography and I am looking for an accredited program in NYC. I found this one on the CAAHEP...

Dori in Coral Gables, Florida

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer and/or Ultrasound Technician Career

Hi everyone :) Anyone currently working in this profession? I'd like to get a better understanding of what is done on a daily basis. How a clinic...

Dori in Coral Gables, Florida

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer @ Miami Dade College

Hi everyone... I am starting MDC in the fall to complete the prerequites for the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program. Is anyone currently...

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