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Erika in Watertown, Wisconsin

Updated 13 months ago

OB/GYN EXAM!! - 68 Replies

Was hoping some of you could help me out. I'm about to sit for the OB/GYN exam and wanted to get some input from those of you have taken it. What...

joyce credle in columbus, Georgia


Can anyone tell me if Sonotech out of Fayetteville Ga has closed??????

DQ Thach in Tampa, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

Good Ultrasounds Schools in South Florida - 46 Replies

I live in the boca raton area and the only schools that are offering sonography that i know is PBCC,IAMP, Nova Southeastern University. Any help will...

DQ Thach in Tampa, Florida

Adventist University - Diagnostic Medical Sonography in Orlando

Soliciting comments about Diagnostic Medical Sonography (General and Cardiac/Vascular) in Orlando.

Audfoster in Peachtree City, Georgia

Updated 14 months ago

Virginia College in birmingham, AL - 81 Replies

I was wondering if I could hear from anyone who got their sonography training here- or if anyone knows the reputation? Is it a good school to attend?...

Icaruscanfly in Rhode Island

Updated 14 months ago

Job Placement and getting your foot in the door - 2 Replies

I was just accepted into an accredited program with a concentration in Echo. My question is this; I know the job market is tight and would appreciate...

Liana in Napavine, Washington

Updated 14 months ago

Ultrasound - 476 Replies

I just finished Ultrasound school in Jan. and I have not been able to find a job in Houston. The feedback I am getting is that I need to have one...

Agnes in Seattle, Washington

Bachelor's Degree?

I'm a student currently enrolled in a CAAHEP accredited sonography program where you end up with your AA. Once I graduate in 2015, I'll be eligible...

Echofanatic in Birmingham, Alabama

Typical salary for Registered Echo/Vascular Tech in DFW area?

I am trying to figure out the basic payscale for a cardiac/vascular sonographer in the Dallas-Fort Worth area? My fiance was recently transferred to...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 14 months ago

ARDMS OB/GYN - 8 Replies

I have the 2012 ESP Review and Davies 2013 Review. Will this be enough to pass the OB?GYN test on Monday. Just worried with the test change last...

wendy in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 14 months ago

Ultrasound jobs? - 113 Replies

I was wondering if anyone had information or knew the job tit le of the people who work for ultrasound machine companies who go into practices and...

GsMomma in Hayden, Idaho

Volunteer Requirement at Spokane Community College

Any SCC Sonography students around? One of the pre-req's for getting into the Sonography program is 40 hrs of community service in a patient care...

joyce credle in columbus, Georgia

Updated 15 months ago

What is the best school in Atlanta, Ga - 855 Replies

I don't think there are many choices in the Atlanta area except Sanford Brown for the ultrasound course. Does anyone know of the best school choice?

Hobo2012 in California

Updated 15 months ago

Night Sonographers - 1 Reply

What is a typical salary of a night shift in Texas? Also, does anyone with night shift experience have any comments about it?

Shalee_2003@yahoo.com in Anderson, South Carolina

Fetal Echo

Has anyone took the fetal echo exam recently? I am already registered in abdomen and ob/ gyn through the ARDMS.

Shalee_2003 in Greenville, South Carolina

Updated 15 months ago

Fetal Echocardiography - 2 Replies

Hi, does anyone have the Davies Fetal Echocardiography CD-ROM for sale? Thanks

M. Cowan, MBA, RT, RDMS, RVT, RDCS in Houston, Texas

Updated 15 months ago

Sonographer schools in Houston, TX - 831 Replies

I am currently looking into the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer program at Sanford Brown in Houston, TX. There is also a program for Medical Imaging...

Meg661 in Arizona

Updated 15 months ago

Is CCI credential recognized in CA? Can I take CCI vascular test as soon as I finish school? - 1 Reply

I'm interning to be a vascular sonographer, but ARDMS is requiring me to work fulltime for a year before taking the RVT test. Can I just take CCI's...

thomas.scalf@gmail.com in Placitas, New Mexico

Updated 15 months ago

job share position available - 1 Reply

I'm looking for someone to job share with in Chehalis Wa in a Clinic setting. I would like 1 day per week, leaving 4 days for anyone that is hired. ...

tkane14 in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey

Updated 15 months ago

DMS job market in Phila/South Jersey/DE area adn question about specialties - 30 Replies

Hi everyone, I plan on entering the DMS program at Gloucester County College next Fall and was wondering if anyone can tell me what the job market is...

LoganJohn in Los Angeles, California

Updated 15 months ago

Suggestions for what to study in preparation for the DMS program this fall - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, I was just accepted to the DMS program for the fall of 2014. Everything I read tells me it will be a grueling two years, and as a...

Hobo2012 in California

Updated 15 months ago

Ultrasound Tech here. Prospective employer has had me working free for a week and calling it "evaluation". Need advice! - 1 Reply

My fiance graduated from an ultrasound program here in Los Angeles and did her three month required externship with a local radiology group. She...

ruth.peters123@gmail.com in Thousand Oaks, California

Updated 16 months ago

Who has taken the spi exam and passed it? what book did you study from? need help ASAP! - 2 Replies

I am going to take my spi physic exam on June 25, 2011 in Miami,fl. I am currently studying from Eldamen 3 rd edition, Taking physics review in my...

ray in Northridge, California

Updated 16 months ago

What specialty of US is the most in demand in CA? - 2 Replies

Hello, I am wondering what specialty area of ultrasound is most in demand between general, vascular, and cardio? Thanks!

male tech in Shreveport, Louisiana

Updated 16 months ago

Mainly a female field? - 30 Replies

I am sure this has been covered before but as I am in the job market (new) my travels have led me to believe the majority of techs are female. I've...

NotSmart in New York, New York

ARDMS (RVT) Write the questions you remember from your RVT exam!!

I know how expensive is to take the RVT exam, given by the ARDMS, and I decided to create this topic to help people with some questions that I...

Britt760 in Oceanside, California

ESP Abdominal Sonography Review Book

Does anyone have a current version of the ESP Abdominal Sonography review book from the Edellman seminar? Even 2012 would work. Willing to pay....

Student in Dundee, Illinois

Updated 16 months ago

Ultrasound traveling positions - 30 Replies

I am ARDMS certified, but was trained on the job, so all I know is abdominal and small parts ultrasound. I'd love to do travel work but I'm worried...

ray in Northridge, California

Updated 16 months ago

1st Year Rad Tech looking for next step to get Ultrasound License - 2 Replies

Title is pretty self explanatory. I am almost done with my 1st year in a 2yr radiology program. I have decided that the next modality I want to go...

ReinaSF in San Francisco, California

Updated 16 months ago

Kaiser grads - 4 Replies

What happened to those kaiser applicants and students that were posting here a while ago? Did you all find jobs in the Bay Area?

Anna in Los Angeles, California

Updated 17 months ago

ultrasound refresher courses - 2 Replies

My daughter had gotten her AS/Diagnostic Ultrasound degree 5yrs ago from a non-accredited school. She did not achieve the extra clinical hours needed...

Hobo2012 in California

Updated 17 months ago

Your Starting Salary Out of Sonography School - 1 Reply

For sonography students like myself, I thought it would be helpful and interesting to see what type of salary is out there for graduating sonography...

T Shorts in Atlanta, Georgia

Athens Technical College cancelled ultrasound / sonography program

I just called Athens Tech (which is listed as an accredited school by CAAHEP) to get information about enrolling my wife and was informed the program...

adycooney in Huntington Beach, California

Sponsoring Sonographer / Employer Huntington Beach

We are still struggling with ARDMS after emigrating from the UK. My wife sat and passed the SPI but cannot qualify for the Remaining RDMS exams as...

legareunc1@gmail.com in Statesville, North Carolina


Are there any sonographers from the Charlotte area here? I am looking for networking opportunities. I have experience, and I am looking for jobs.

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 17 months ago

Has any Sonographers emigrated to the States from the UK? Help needed. - 2 Replies

Hopefully someone can help us, we don't seem to get anywhere with ARDMS direct. We moved over from the UK last year, I have an L1 Visa and my wife...

Jen in Seymour, Indiana

Neurosonography Exam

I am interested in taking the neuro registry but am unsure if what to study from. Davies has made books for the other tests I've taken so I'm at a...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 17 months ago

Diagnostic Medical sonography programs - 1 Reply

hello! I was looking for some advice. Im interested in becoming an ultrasound technician so I have been looking into various diagnostic medical...

Chris in Portland, Oregon

Updated 17 months ago

question about ultrasound images - 2 Replies

Hello all! My question is off topic but I would appreciate any input anyone can offer. My cat recently had an abdominal ultrasound. I am changing...

Amanda in Liberty, Texas

Davies Vascular Mock Exam CD-ROM

I am looking for Davies Vascular CD-ROM if anyone has a copy for sale please email me at amanda.d.denny@gmail.com Thanks!

deltasquadron in San Francisco, California

Updated 17 months ago

Questions on getting certified in specialties after the SPI - 5 Replies

So my questions are that I want to get certified in general sonography and then get the added certification in OB/GYN, ABD, FE and PE. I haven't done...

Travis Cram in San Miguel De Tucuman, Argentina

Updated 17 months ago

ultrasound physics tutor - 2 Replies

I am looking for a ultrasound physics tutor in southern California. Anyone know of someone who can tutor?

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 18 months ago

Who would give new grads a break? - 18 Replies

Where are all the jobs for new grads? Most ultrasound technician jobs want at least 1 year "working" experience. I cannot relocate as my husband...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 18 months ago

Looking at three different DMS programs - opinions needed - 2 Replies

I've applied to three different programs in my area and was wondering if I could bounce them off some people in the field. What is important to me is...

Karry in Massachusetts

Updated 18 months ago

Ultrasound hard to find jobs - 1 Reply

These are desperate times that call for desperate measures. My husband and I moved from Cali to Montana just to get a job. He graduated from an...

Pricilla93 in Elk Grove, California

Updated 18 months ago

applying to Kaiser CAAHEP accredited school - 7 Replies

I am 48 and am applying to an accredited 18 month program near my home starting in April 2012. I currently earn a very decent salary conducting...

CFIscammed in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Updated 18 months ago

Central Florida Institute - 378 Replies

Just wondering if anyone has attended this school and what your thoughts are on the education you get there, I am interested in their cvt class

Michelle000 in Florida

Updated 18 months ago

Don't go to Central Florida Institute - Bait and Switch Scam - 2 Replies

You can go to their website right now and see how they advertise their program. http://www.cfinstitute.com/Sonographer.php They say they train you...

Lola in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 18 months ago

abdomen ultrasound - 8 Replies

hi Any body who want to sell images books for abdominal ultrasound,right now i am studying Burwin books i borrowed it from some one but that time...

ray in Chatsworth, California

Updated 18 months ago

Getting a job as an Ultra Sound Tech? - 1 Reply

I'm graduating from high school this year and I'm starting to look into ultra sound programs after I complete community college, I've read a lot...

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