Eastern Idaho Medical Regional

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Femmemuscle in Albuquerque, New Mexico

55 months ago

This is the first time i've had this happen with Indeed.com. There is a section where a person can "Review" a hospital they have worked for. I've reviewed a couple of hospitals giving the absolute truth about the call, the management, while staying with the appropriate guidelines. no problem.

But if you even 'THINK' about posting anything that's truthful about EIRMC? They will not post your review. I've tried 4x in 4 different ways. If you don't put 4-5 stars up there? No post.

So Here's my experience and observation.

do the math. EIRMC has been established for over 30 years. The longest running tech has only stayed there for 2 years.

The call: It's the downfall of the u/s dept. A tech is usually on call 3-4 times a week - and are up most of the night due to the mormon population. this consists of checking to see if a pt. is pregnant, ectopic pregnancies, fetal demises, baby pics (yes, families will come out in the middle of the night for those).

the tech is also called in for dvt studies all night for mosquito bites, leg cramps, or a pain in the toe.

The tech is usually up most of the night on call - and still expected to give great "customer service", regardless of their mental/physical state.

Management: Whenever there is a problem, the "customer is always right". The techs do not have a blessing or backup from management. Except the ones that are not very experienceced - but are huge "Brown Nosers".

Work Life Balance: There usually isn't much to do except go to church/temple, or work, and eat - and of course, being called in to work.

The nurses are very territorial with their own. Specifically in the E.R., even if they are in the wrong - as a technician, you're reported to management.

Huge Mormon population. Though they try to hide it? They can't. If you're not mormon, it duly noted.

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