Training in a hospital?

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Tonijz00 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

26 months ago

What is training like when you are in school but at the hospital training? Are you standing there watching the expert {as most interns do}, are the experts standing there watching you making sure you know what you are doing, are you ever by yourself occasionally because the expert is confident in you {doubt it lol}

How often are you in class then switching up to be in the hospital training? Are you ever in the same hospital training or after a while you switch up to another hospital? Do you have an option to stay in the same hospital or train in specific hospitals?

Dbaryosef in Las Vegas, Nevada

26 months ago

It really depends on the type of techs that are in your designated hospital. If you are lucky then you will have techs that actually want to teach you and allow you to scan, with watching you of course in the beginning. If they gain confidence in you then they will let you scan on your own. Unfortunately, not all tech are nice and do far as being in the same hospital for more than 1 semester, that depends on your clinical director and also if they like you at the hospital you are in. Good luck to you! Be strong, this is not an easy field to be in....

Karry in Massachusetts

26 months ago

Mine have all been different. My first rotation was a month and she would let me scan basics, if she was doing abdomen she would let me do gallbladders or kidneys. My next one was for 2 months 2 days a week and she expected me to know it all. Send me in rooms alone and then complain I wasnt perfect. My 3rd was another 2 months and they did not let me scan much at all. im in my 4th now and its great. She lets me scan every patient and is very helpful. We were given our sites for the whole year but things have changed and we can start to request to go back to places and some hospitals have asked girls to come back. It just varies a lot.

Hobo2012 in California

26 months ago

Depends on the site, but generally once we were proficient we scan an entire exam on our own. The tech may be watching with us or watching the images outside. They might put there hand on it to check in the end of the exam. If we had any questions the tech comes in to help.
We are to spend 8 hours a day M-F like a regular job doing ultrasound scanning with about 4 hours of class a week thrown in. Either way it's always add up to 40 hours a week.

Roger in San Francisco, California

25 months ago

With my echo program, we were in class for 3 days a week and internship days were varied.

I believe it depends on the site, the lab setting and techs. Some labs only want you to observe. While others it is up to the preceptor to show you what is going on.

At my first internship, I was observing at first, then after a couple weeks, The tech would do the study and then ask the patient if I could take a few more pictures. With in a month, I was scanning and having someone checking my work or they would come to see where I was at in the study.

As I said with lab setting, it depends on the patients. Some settings are more sensitive.. an example is pediatrics. When I did my peds internship, I didnt do as much scanning as the families/patients were more anxious.

Even in some adult lab settings, some people want the study to be done fast and if they know you are student, they will be disgruntled the whole time.

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