Which specialty in ARDMS

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Sdeuman in Astoria, New York

27 months ago

I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. I am looking into attending a sonography program in the New York City area. I am just trying to decide which specialty I would like to go into. I am really interested in becoming a Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer but I'm open to any of the ARDMS specialties.

Can someone tell me what the salary difference is for the different ARDMS specialties (I've done research but I'm getting conflicting data)
RDMS-Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
RDCS- Registered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
RVT- Registered Vascular Technologist
and which one has more job openings?

Roger in Oakland, California

26 months ago

In the San Francisco, many hospitals pay the same across the board. The position is "Sonographer" or "ultrasound tech".. but specifics is when they list the description. As for other places, I am not sure.

There could be variables though. If you hold multiple registries and do both, they might pay you more. An example is working in a Cardiovascular clinic where you will do echos and vascular studies like carotids and renals.

As for openings, it is variable too.

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