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MsKitty75 in Salt Lake City, Utah

64 months ago

I've been a Tech for almost 2 years. I got my start at a smaller hospital, but left because the patient care was not so great. Some of the doctors, while nice personality-wise, practiced out of date medicine and seemed to care more about dogs than any other species. I went to work at another hospital where it is a much larger practice and more modern. However, that is not the issue. I was brought on board because although I have experience, I was still new to the field and they felt that they could "mold" me to what they wanted me to be. In the three months I have been there, I am more like a glorified Vet Assistant rather than tech. They will not allow me to do dentals (only one I've done is on my own cat!), place IV catheters, or do the things like the other techs do. We have doctor/tech teams and I was told at the end of my 90 days, I would be assigned a doctor. However, at my review, I was told that since I have yet to prove myself, I will not be assigned to a doc until I have been there a year and the doctor has to request me. They will not give me the opportunity to do things to prove myself!

And, the DRAMA! I am 37 years old and I feel like I'm back in high school again. For some reason, I am not liked by my fellow techs at all. In the 3 months, I have divulged very little about my personal life, kept my sense of humor to a minimum and have worked my butt off. I even do "grunt" work like cleaning kennels and surgery packs without complaint. I'm there if someone needs to switch shifts at a moment's notice. I do my best to get along with everyone whether they are kennel techs or receptionists. Yet, I am constantly hearing the negative crap these girls are saying about me. They do not even try to keep a quiet tone of voice, they simply say things when I'm not even 6 feet away. And, my boss is no better. She's just as bad a gossip as the rest!

We don't have an open door policy at my hospital, so I have nowhere to turn. Anyone have some ideas?

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