Can a Certified Surgical Technologist work as a Veterinary Technician or Assistant?

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SurTech loves animals in Oakland, California

78 months ago

Hello everyone,
I'm a Surgical Tech student. I like surgical field, and I also love animals, dogs especially. I used to think about becoming a Veterinary Technician. However, there was no local community college that offers that program. Private school is too expensive for me. Therefore, I decided to study Surgical Technology. I know that Veterinary Technology and Surgical Technology are similar in many aspects, but they are also very different. One is about animal care, the other one is about human patient care.

Is it possible that my ST skills can be useful in assisting a veterinarian?

Please give me some advice. Thank you very much!

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SurTech loves animals in Hayward, California

78 months ago

Someone helps me please.

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cindyrvt in Henderson, Texas

78 months ago

Veterinary technology degrees and surgical technology degrees are actually very different. Surgical assisting is only a small part of the topics covered in a veterinary technology degree.

You could definitely work as a veterinary assistant as there are no educational or training requirements for that position in any state in the US, however in California and in many other states you cannot work as a veterinary technician without a degree in veterinary technology from an accredited school and having passed the board exams required by the state for credentialing as a veterinary technician.

Even if there isn't a local school that offers a degree in veterinary technology, you can still get one. There are many AVMA accredited veterinary technology degree programs available online. You must either be employeed at a veterinary clinic through the whole time you are earning your education or for a semester or two as an intern in order to earn these degrees. You can find a list of all on-site and distance education programs through the AVMA website:

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