Online transfer courses?

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BlueRidgeGal in Asheville, North Carolina

41 months ago

I started a vet tech program in the fall and unfortunately failed my A&P lab section, now I wont be able to take it over until next year which is 8 months of waiting. I cant afford to lose that much time. I was wondering whether there are any online schools that I can retake the same course online and have it transferred back into my program so I can start up again next semester. I need to retake A&P, and also take parasitology I and Diseases I.


CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

41 months ago

That is something you will have to talk to the college you are attending about. Each schools makes it's own rules about what transfer courses they will take. There are several AVMA accredited distance education programs, but it's going to be up to your program director to determine if they will accept courses from any of them.

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