Vet Tech then Vet?

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80 months ago

Can you start out being a vet tech and continue your education to become a vet? Or do you need to shoot for one or the other in the beginning?

Kelly in Mesa, Arizona

80 months ago

Why would you need to start from scratch for anything? Of course you can be a vet tech first, that would be BETTER than starting from scratch...

cindyrvt in Henderson, Texas

80 months ago

You do not want to start out by earning a degree in veterinary technology first and then move on to a veterinary degree unless the college that offers the vet tech degree has an agreement with a college that will allow you to count credits from the vet tech degree towards and acceptable "pre-vet" bachelors degree such as animal science. Otherwise you will waste time and money taking courses that will not count towards what is already an 8 year degree for your ultimate goal.
However, working as a veterinary assistant (no degree needed) and getting hands-on experience in the veterinary field will benefit you greatly when it comes time to apply to vet school. You can apply at vet clinics in high school and get some experience and really see what the life of a veterinarian is like.

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