can anybody suggest something?

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MastiffMom in Beaufort, South Carolina

61 months ago

I am kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. I already have a bachelors degree in Social Work... Believe it or not, it was using animals in therapy as part of my internship that got me into animals. I've since taken a job working at a doggy daycare/boarding/grooming/training facility. I also teach basic obedience classes.
Due to all of this, I've realized my love of animals and would like to return to school to be a vet tech. I already started taking classes at Penn Foster (wish I would've found this forum before I wasted the $$). I would like to transfer elsewhere. See, my husband is military and I get $6000 to pay for schooling as a result of a military program. Due to my job, I need to be able to take classes online.
Unfortunately... I work so much, I don't have the time to do hours weekly for a practicum, so that rules out some of the better online schools. I can't not work because I have significant student loans from my previous degree. My only OTHER option is to find a full time program that I can attend in person (thus allowing me to defer my student loans)... However, I cannot find one. Does anybody know of a program near Beaufort SC/Savannah GA? I've googled a ton and I just can't seem to find anything.
Can anybody think of any options for me that i haven't considered? I'm desperate at this point...

lvtinflorida in Tampa, Florida

61 months ago

Let me just share something with you.
I have been a licensed vet tech for 6 years, and i am so burned out! the job is VERY demanding. Think about it, in a human hospital they have departments fill ed with different people for everything. x ray techs for radiographs, phebotomists for drawing blood, nursing for icu care, pharmacists for dispensing medication etc. As a vet tech you do ALL OF THESE and much much more including janitorial work! The pay SUCKS and i have worked in many clinics and it is the NORM for veterinarians to treat technicians like dirt.
I am currently looking to go back to school..think about it!

CindyRVT in Henderson, Texas

61 months ago

All of the AVMA accredited programs are going to require you to work in a veterinary office, so you are goin to have to come to terms with that.

The list of all AVMA accredited programs in GA can be found here:

lvtinflorida--if you are in Florida then you are not licensed. This is part of the reason that you are finding such limits in what you can do and how you are treated. Veterinary technicians in Florida are currently certified by the Florida Veterinary Medical Association and there is no requirement even to get certified to work as a veterinary technician. This is why there is so little respect for veterinary technicians in your state and the pay and benefits remain dismal. Unless veterinary technicians work towards bettering the public perception of the profession and towards getting the profession regulated (and by someone other than the vma) then you are going to continue to stagnate.

We are fighting the same battle here in Texas and have been for many years.

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