The truth about vet tech burnout

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Maya Smith in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

27 months ago

With all the talk on this forum about the bad side of the career, I found this article pretty refreshing - good advice.

Or do you think it's just too idealistic?

KATtheDogLover in Long Beach, California

27 months ago

Maya, thanks for sharing this article. Burnout can happen in any job or career. Identifying problems, finding solutions, and creating an action plan are key steps to working toward job satisfaction. This is also a good strategy for any situation that needs improved conditions.

When you are at an interview for a potential job, remember that you are also checking them out to make sure you think it will be a good fit overall. On the job, take the breaks that you're legally entitled to take. Don't forfeit your own happiness or job satisfaction or you'll feel the burnout fast once you've establish your work routine!

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