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121 months ago

Being a waitress for many years, I sometimes think I have seen and heard it all. I would love to hear some of the experiences other waiters and waitresses have had with their customers. E-mails welcome too:

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Geo in Bronx, New York

99 months ago

I have worked in Food Service for over 30 year, and things seem gtten worst with customers. They lack the knowledge of how to act when to eating out. It's hard to give them service, because they want the attention of celeberities and don't spend money like one. I know it's not about how much a person has, but why do people put on this air like they do. There are a lot of great customer that make me realize why I'm working in customer service. The employer's put up with the customers over the top attitudes, because they need to make money to pay the bills. I think american's need a time out, have a reality check. We have become to spoiled and along the way have forgotten that we are no longer the great nation our fore fathers knew. If someone could just write a book on manner, that would at least help the poor souls that don't have a clue about dining out.

A Server at the end of patience

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