Can my MANAGER do this? (concerning TIPS)

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waittables in Columbus, Ohio

62 months ago

So I wait tables. My hourly wage is about $3.60, before the shift is over we get "cashed out" which means we receive our credit card tips and also trade our singles in for bigger bills.

I have been employed for this company for 7 years (TOO LONG!!) and i have never ran into this problem before but i DO NOT claim %100 of my cash tips. I claim probably %60-%70.

Well my last shift i worked my manager literally STOOD over my shoulder while i was claiming my tips on the computer while clocking out. and says "you need to claim all of your tips"

i said "i claim most of them" ... so my question is...

Is it any of his business how much money i claim? it really isnt hurting my employer unless i do not claim enough to make minimum i right? because with what i claim i usually make about $9-10/hr

for some reason i just feel like hes invading my privacy or something..?

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