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Mary in Hartland, Wisconsin

44 months ago

I understand the taxing of your tips and how it will eat up your hourly wage. On my paycheck I get hourly wages in three categories; serving, bartending and office work. The bartending and office hourly wage is also bitten into significantly from taxes. For example, my last two week paycheck had 63 hours on it and totaled $75. 46hrs at $4.50 and 17 hours were office/hosting at $10/hr. So we basically host for free. It has been brought up to management on numerous occasions, but they seem to think it is legit. ?????????

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Lonelyeco in Gonzales, Louisiana

38 months ago

Hey. I work at a Japanese sushi, steakhouse restaurant. I was getting paid only tips, but I got demoted due to being so called slow due to them not showing me everything. Recently I'm only getting paid salary, but they only pay me $5/hr. I live in Louisiana and we have no set wage, but federal wage is $7.25. Also, when I was getting paid only tips they would give me the tips, but they never added up to minimum wage. I worked 4 hours at least and my tip was $17.00 and that was my pay for the day. Is this legal? I think it's not. They keep telling me I don't get paid minimum wage because I'm a waitress.

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transistic in Austin, Texas

36 months ago

sockergirl in Little Rock, Arkansas said: so can your employer change your claimed tips without your knowledge.

I have just taken a job in Austin, TX. The manager told me to claim what I actually made on the computer at the end of my shift. OK. Then I inquired about the high tip out which is 5% of your actual sales the next night. He explained that our tip out is based on the restaurants belief that we are making 19% of our sales. That's how much money they say is in our pockets. Well that is high, I did not have that much in my pocket. I asked about what I claimed the night before on the computer and he said that the manager goes in and changes it to what the 19% of our sales is at the end of each day. Is this legal?? They are changing what I said I made! I want to report this. I spoke with other employee's about this and they said nothing can be done and that any one who ever spoke out against it was fired.

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betty in Hammondsport, New York

32 months ago

I work for a employer that doesnt allow tips to be put on a credit card so we dont get any from that sale . they also take the total from the shift from the register and say we have to claim a certain amount for that total . some of that total is from the previous shift where customers have left after the shift ends . The waitress from the shift before gets the tips but we have to claim it. We also get a paper when have to sign when we havent claimed enough tips for the month. I claim everything i get and it doesnt add up to their totals. Some days I am lucky to make 10 dollars in tips for a 8 hour period my base rate is 5.00. Is this right?

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frustrated waitress in Washington, Utah

32 months ago

I was told in order to be hired that my employer pays over fed min wage but I cant and never have kept my tips when my paycheck comes I noticed I was getting mim fed. 7.25. Overtime I have to adjust my time sheets sothey dont have overtime. I asked where the difference in wages and overtime monies they were going to be underthe table. They need the money I make for them to survive the slow winter months. I was also told my housing would be included its not. 3600 of my 4500 is to go for rent.I cant survive the winter months and was told they eould help if I needed it. they way they start paychecks even though I have been main server for them I cant even grt unemoloyement when it falls below 20 hrs a week.
Ihave been promised by the owner that I would have a place to live on the new property but that has failed to materlize. I have kept my true records iff every hour I have given them including the setup/cleaning hours and when we had no customers but I had to be there.
I was told once that if I wished to keep my tips I am going to have to find a new job because they could get family in there that would agree to work for min. And not take tips. I work in a resort village and I guestimate I am making 25% tips on average.but I also bus tables, dishwash, scoop ice cream and we are busy on my feet 8 hours without a break. I was told that new utsh law that its illegal for employers to keep tips of waitress.
We are close friends and a very MUCH LOVEMY JOB AND DO IT WELL. I made the excuse tgat I gave up the tips so own the property. That when I felt part of tge team now I just feel like hourly employee

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29 months ago

As long as you are making minimum wage with tips included, its all good. If, for some reason, you don't receive enough tips to make minimum wage, your employer is required by law to pay you the difference. I looked it up.

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Jennifer in Austin, Texas

26 months ago

My manager recently brought to our attention the fact that we, as servers, are not claiming enough in tips. I use the Aloha POS system and at the end of the night, I only enter one amount for my declared tips. In other words, I cannot input values for credit cards tips versus cash tips, or other values such as tipshare. Since I make predominately credit card tips, the amount of money I actually walk away with is less than that of my declared credit card tips, after a 4% tipshare. Basically, I'm claiming less in total than what's been declared previously in credit card tips alone. Why should I claim 100% of credit card tips if I'm not walking with 100% of them, especially if the bartenders, back servers, etc. are paying taxes on the tipshare (I presume)? I've kept records since the first day I began serving at my current restaurant. To date, I've claimed 84.33% of the total tips I've made. Am I "in the green" so to speak on this one? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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LYNNEHUNT80@*****.*** in Farmville, North Carolina

25 months ago


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k in Twin Falls, Idaho

25 months ago

Wendy in Akron, Ohio said: I make $3.55 and hour and I make about $50-$100 a night. I claim about 3/4 of what I make in tips and I had to pay taxes this year! I am not sure whether I am claiming too much of my tips or too little. Does anyone know why I have to pay taxes this year?

where I live I claim 8 percent of my till or my credit card tips, which ever is higher.. A good rule is to follow your paper trail. The more you make, the more they take. you have to pay because they arent holding enough taxes. Claim yourself and kids if you have them on your taxes and just claim credit card tips at the end of your shift and you should balance out. I make min wage but with tips about 14 hr., weekends 27-30 hr. and holidays about 40hr. its really not that bad ! lol

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lstraveler in Harvey, Louisiana

8 months ago

Stan in Fayetteville, Arkansas said: Oh yeah, I realized that I forgot to mention this earlier: A 16% gratuity is still listed on the tickets and paid by the members on everything that they purchase. But, the staff doesn't see a dime of that money and the members don't realize that the tip they're paying is not for the service they received. One of the employees tried to confront the management about this seemingly strange situation with questions like "Where does that money go?" and "Do the members know about this?" but he was immediately fired. Sounds fishy, huh? Regardless, I left the place because I felt like I was working under a bunch of crooks. I would still like to correct the situation if I can because I don't like seeing that kind of behavior go on unchecked. So, is the 16% "gratuity" that the management receives taxed differently and could lead to IRS trouble, or is this just bad business and blatantly lying to their customers?

Yes this is crooked on the new owners part, I would look elsewhere for employment and on the way out the door be sure the club members are made aware of this change, i'm sure it will cause an uproar but it needs to!

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