where can u make the most $ as a waitress? PHX AZ

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Angela in Glendale, Arizona

76 months ago

In phoenix Az do waitresses make more money workig at a place like Hooters & Tilted Kilt or working at a sports bar like padre murphys or Santisi Brothers? im just curious if anyone works or has worked at either place or has an opinion.

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heather in Arnold, Missouri

75 months ago

my sister worked at tilted kilt n she was very displeased at the amount of tips she made there. she is very attractive tall and skinny but she said there were so many waitresses that she barely got any tables n therefore brealy any tips.

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Cheryl Cothern in Hendersonville, Tennessee

72 months ago

Hell-o it is to my understanding that Kilt'n'Tilt will be opening soon in Hendersonville, TN. In this area I have six years restaurant experience, and Associate Degree in Travel and Hospitality Program. It is my interest to apply for front of house management at your new store. Also I have opened a new restourant before. I know with my experience and knowlege of the area I can be a great asset to you.

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newbie in Calgary, Alberta

67 months ago

I have worked so many places and have always found the same thing... the fairly steady smaller bar/pub with a low tip out percent, many regulars and huge sections are the best! The bar may only ring out 3000 on a decent night but if it was just you and maybe a bartender your making great money. I have so much experience both serving and bartending and after proving myself I have been known to both serve and bartend at the same time. If you are only tipping out 2 percent your laughing. And with steady regulars you can ease them up from 10 and 15 percenters to 20 and 25 percenters by being constantly aware that they are your meal ticket. never let them know that but at the end of the day its true. having a bad day??? suck it up buttercup.. no one cares. so if you ring out 2000 at little pub.. make 400 off it and tip out 40 dollars... life is good. Corporate restaurants and massive bars... over staff (my least favorite when you have a 4 table sectoin), have insane tip out percents (6 percent of sales is common somtimes more), fussy customers that you dont know, so you ring a 1000 on a busy night.. make 130 (if your lucky) tip out 60... well not so good.. and you probably had a bad night compared to having fun joking around and being on friendly terms at the pub

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