I want to get a waitressing job BUT

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Wondergirl in Long Island City, New York

83 months ago

My anxiety and nervousness ruins my chances of getting one besides although I can speak English very good it is my second language..I'm somewhat introverted and I want to be more outgoing.That's one of the reasons I want to be a waitress but I also need one immediately as a survival job.Should I apply to restaurants/cafes even if they are not hiring? How hard is it to find a waitressing job in NYC? I waitressed for only 1 month for a chain Italian restaurant on Long Island but I got laid off because the managers said I wasn't pleasing enough to customers..well they were quite ***holes so I feel kinda discouraged but I want to try it again.Any tips/advices?

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Jess in Providence, Rhode Island

79 months ago

it's always a good idea to apply whether or not an establishment is hiring, as there is always a weakest link that the management is just waiting to get rid of as soon as a capable replacement shows up. With no experience, I would recommend sticking to cafes and the like in nyc, it's not like you could describe the mouthfeel of the baron's '63 pinot.... Also, stop working at chains. Small independent establishments are always better, and often so is the money.

Also, it really helps to see yourself as a hustler. seriously. you're taking people's money. people will go wherever you lead them. you can sell a person on a date anything. visualize big dumb bags of money in every seat. get ruthless. and then someday perhaps you will make as much money as i do.

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Wondergirl in Huntington, New York

79 months ago

Thank you very much for your comment Jess.I never liked working at chain restaurant so I'll try small places.I always wanted to work at a cafe in NYC but never had the guts to apply anywhere..

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Sarahhhreaa in Frederick, Maryland

73 months ago

Best waitressing advice ever. Love it.

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