Web design/ development, a BAS Degree adequate?

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jess2870 in Tampa, Florida

61 months ago


I was wondering if I am looking into the field of Web design and Development, is a BAS Degree from a state college (a 4-year degree) adequate?

If you have the necessary skills and a good portfolio, will companies prefer/ more likely higher a graduate from a known University or does it not matter? This is still a reputable 4 year college, just not compared to anytime big time University.

I would like to get the BAS degree for financial issues, and I think I still would be able to acquire the necessary skills through both programs and my own self teaching.. please reply if you have any info! Thanks!!!

rooneycruz in Ludhiana, India

37 months ago

If you have skills then you can get easily job in your city. I will suggest you for industrial training. It will be good for you and after that you can get your dream job easily. No. of websites are available where you can learn about web designing and development online. If you want any type of help then you can contact us via skype id : webdevelopers3

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