Interview please?

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Anna in Fremont, California

100 months ago

I'm a highschooler who needs to interview a zookeeper

1. Where do you work?
2. Summarize your typical work day.
3. Where in the zoo do you usually work? What kinds of hours do you have?
4.What are some things you like most about your job?
5. What are some things you least like about your job?
6. Do you have a college education or technical school training?
7. In what ways do you find your job stressful?
8. Do you need any special licenses or union membership?
9. In what ways do you find your job satisfying?
10. How do you relax in your offtime?
11. How did you get started in your current position?
12. What are some other related jobs you have held in this career field?
13. Is there something else you would rather be doing instead of this job?
14. Are you working toward additional advancement in your field?
15. What recommendations would you make to a student who is considering your career field?

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