2nd Bachelors in Accounting

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James in Gilbert, Arizona

57 months ago

I was wondering if employers would have any problems with employing somebody who got a second Bachelors in Accounting. I initially planned to get my Masters in Architecture as soon as I graduated. However, due to the volatility of the construction industry and the low demand for architects, I thought it best not to pursue this course of action. Instead, I plan on going back and getting a second bachelors in accounting since i always had an interest in the field due to having worked in this area ever since i began school. It will take me two years to graduate with the bachelors, and maybe another extra year if i choose to continue on with the schools Masters in Taxation. I have no problem with going to school for another three years, since I initially planned on going for another 4 years. In the course of time i do plan on doing several internships as well to compliment my studies and to work toward my CPA.

However what I am concerned about is whether employers will have a problem with hiring someone that is 26/27 years of age. Do you think this is to old an age to be employed as a entry level accountant? Also, do you think employers would have any problem with hiring somebody that has two bachelors degree?

I appreciate any comments or suggestions


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Erin in Colorado Springs, Colorado

56 months ago

Hi James,

I am in a similar situation. After graduating in May with a Bachelors in Architecture I am now considering entering the accounting field. In my research, most graduate schools would accept me straight into their Masters of Accounting programs even though I do not have any business/accounting background classes. But I am also considering, like you, going back for a double Bachelors instead. Had you considered going straight into a Masters of Accounting program? What made you decide to get a second Bachelors over going straight into a Masters program?

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