How did you get your accounting job?

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DCA1984 in Madison Heights, Virginia

28 months ago

I have been having a tough time breaking into the accounting field, I was wondering how you became a successful accountant, what kind of job did you have at first, how did you advance, etc?

tatyana in Garfield, New Jersey

23 months ago

yes,im wondering the same,how did u guys start in that field?

Kianfar in Sterling, Virginia

22 months ago

Seems like everyone in VA-DC-MD is having a hard time with accounting jobs. It's frustrating seeing on the right corner of this page that in Sterling,Va the salary average for a basic accountant is 71,000 and I sit here send application after application without any response.

Sanderson in Miami, Florida

19 months ago

Online job ads never resulted in responses for me since I had minimal experience.

I directly contacted companies in Miami, specifically, small CPA and business tax offices. I emailed and called and eventually got some responses from CPA's and owners of those firms. Voila! Got a job!

The Finance Writer in Georgetown, Texas

19 months ago

The job market for accounting is hot mostly for recent grads who are CPA candidates. However, targeting smaller accounting firms has delivered employment for individuals seeking staff accountant jobs without a CPA license. Many of these firms focus on tax, but also handle bookkeeping assignments. They will hire people with no experience as long as they have some proven skills. You can develop tax expertise by studying for the Enrolled Agent exam. They take the course at now and you'll be ready for the upcoming tax season.

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