What are typical adjunct instructor salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

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Steve Kiley in San Diego, California

95 months ago

What are typical adjunct professor salaries in California?

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Jada in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

76 months ago

I worked at a career and tech school (one of those ones that change name/ownership every few years), first time, teaching a juvenile delinqurency course for criminal justice students at $25/hr. I have a master's degree.

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TC in Blythewood, South Carolina

63 months ago

I just got a contract with a local college to teach a 6-hour workshop at $30 per hour. I have a master's degree, but the class is a community interest class...

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Joe in Harvey, Illinois

47 months ago

Terrible. Do not get involved in this racket.

2,000 per a class.

The students are ignorant on this issue, those outside the academy love to glory in it and those within the academy want to escape from it.

Don't enter the contingent faculty prison. Once in, it is hard to get out.

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angelam in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

44 months ago

I have applied for a position as an adjunct professor in the developmental studies department at a two year college in my community. Currently, I work part time as a writing tutor at the college and very much enjoy the ESL and developmental students; however I would like to learn more about the program. The job listing is vague and states only that an adjunct is paid by course hours. I am more than qualified for the position, but I would only be interested in teaching one three hour course. I am semi-retired and money is not so much the object for me as is my desire to explore what I believe are the benefits of a pre-college program for high school graduates who are not quite mature enough for college; those students who flunk out freshman year because they lack basic skills. My question is this. Because I am only interested in teaching the minimum number of hours, would I be considered for an adjunct position, or are colleges, like corporations, looking for qualified people whom they can overwork and underpay?

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Dee Davis in Chattanooga, Tennessee

39 months ago

Alan Abel in Brookfield, Connecticut said: As a professional lecturer over the past four decades ("Using Your Wits To Win"), I started out earning $50 and lunch for my first two-hour performance plus Q. and A. Presently, my fee is $7,500 plus all expenses. Not bad for a graduate of Ohio State University with a B.S. Degree in Education . Here is a link to a segment of my lecture before a video class in Troy,NY.


The Ohio State University- Go Bucks

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