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cateyes81 in Merritt Island, Florida

Administrative Assistant

I have 7 years experience as an Administrative Assistant and 13 year as a Planner/Scheduler for the United Space Alliance at the Kennedy Space...

ITPC in Plano, Texas

Updated 70 months ago

Admin Survey - 16 Replies

Now that unemployment is 10.2% it is getting harder for all of us to land a new job. Lets take a survey. How long have you been out of...

Cobi in Mount Vernon, New York

Updated 70 months ago

Bad Interview - 5 Replies

I had an interview for an Office Administrator position and I feel that is went very bad! When I got there they already had another candidate there...

thisoneisforu in Fall River, Massachusetts

Updated 71 months ago

Slightly disabled - 2 Replies

I have worked for at least6 to 7 years per the last two jobs that I had. My problem is during my last job, I had neck surgery. It did not bother my...

Cass in Buffalo, New York

Which documents to display?

I am about to graduate this coming fall and will be applying for Administration jobs as early as May. I have been told by several people that I...

Janet in Sherman Oaks, California

Updated 72 months ago

Keeping candidates hanging - 10 Replies

I have been on a few interviews and it seems like they all play the same game. They initially tell me that they have a few more candidate to...

Pecanpie in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 72 months ago

Help! Can't keep a job - 4 Replies

Because of hard economic times I am taking any administrative position job that is offered to me and am unsuccessful with keeping them. I have...

Pecanpie in Hartford, Connecticut

Updated 72 months ago

Rejection Letter - 2 Replies

Went on an interview a few weeks ago, at the end of the interview the man told me that they would let me know either way by the end of the following...

Newcomer to Atlanta in Altanta, Georgia

Professional Resume

Has anyone paid to have a professional resume done? If you did, did you see a significant increase in responses to the professionally done resume...

Marke in Schaumburg, Illinois

Updated 73 months ago

17 Interviews to Get A Job - 2 Replies

A recruiter told me that it takes 17 interviews to get a job. I have never heard of that statistic. I know people who have been out of work for...

Katie226 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Updated 73 months ago

Cover Letters - 1 Reply

I've been laid off for almost a year now...I've applied for jobs but no one gets back to me. I was told to write a simple cover letter but my friend...

Jobseeker in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 74 months ago

Administrative Assistant duties - have they changed? - 7 Replies

I'm back in the job market after a layoff and have yet to catch a bite. I've been searching jobs and some of them seem like they are asking too much...

Jobseeker in Chicago, Illinois

Your Ideal Company Size

If this was a better economy and the job market was in our favor, and you have several job offers to choose from, what size company would be ideal...

friend in Tampa, Florida

Updated 74 months ago

Interviewing for a job that a temp is in now - 14 Replies

I recently went on an interview for a position that I thought I was a good fit for. This was through an employment agency. When I called the agency...

gloria in Chicago, Illinois


i think is crazy how many profiles i have to open everytime i want to apply for a job. why can't i just apply without having to open soooooooo many...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 74 months ago

What to do next - 14 Replies

I worked in Quality Control for 27 years. I was laid off and went back to school, earned an AAS in Legal Office Systems and now there is nothing. I...

Vintage_lover in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 75 months ago

Interview Process - 23 Replies

I have been on an interview in October for a position close to home. Initially they told me that they had 2 other candidates and would be making a...

Laid off in CT

Updated 75 months ago

Former Administrative Assistant Desparate to Change Fields - 5 Replies

I am definitely in a scary spot and would appreciate any constructive advice. I have been on my own since the age of 16. The only jobs available in...

Mary Beth in Berkeley, Illinois

Updated 75 months ago

Better or worse - 1 Reply

Having you been getting more or less interviews in the past few months? I have not seen that many jobs that I want to apply to recently. I have...

Laid off in CT

Updated 76 months ago

Gotta see THIS Ad for administrative Assistant - 24 Replies

We are looking for an admin assistant. Pay is $6-$10 per hour. Email experience. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT---NEW HAMPSHIRE *...

Henrietta in Decatur, Georgia

Updated 76 months ago

Job Market - 51 Replies

Why is it so hard for employers to hire older adults? Instead, they rather hire younger adult with no life experience much less job experience. Also...

Jossie Wassly in Anaheim, California

Updated 76 months ago

Microsoft Office Specialist Certification - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if anyone has this certificate? If so, has it helped increase your salary and or position? Thanks, Brandi

tjtjtj in Brooklyn, New York

Salary Requirements

Most employers want to know your salary requirements when you apply for a job online, some even state that without salary history they will...

Mary Beth in Berkeley, Illinois

Updated 76 months ago

Valuable Administrative Assistant Links - 16 Replies

Here's some links that I use all the time and find valuable: Plain language law dictionary ConvertPlus...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 76 months ago

Why do Employers repost ad - 4 Replies

I have recently went on 2 interviews for separate companies and I have noticed that both of them were reposted online. I was told asked at the end...

Janice Schoenfeld in Farmington Hills, Michigan


It seems like employers and employment agencies who see my resume posted online are "impressed" with it, or so they tell me. They want me to come in...

lgrm2009 in Spring, Texas

Updated 76 months ago

How Many Interviews to get a job? - 1 Reply

I realize it is tough for everyone in this economy. Have any Administrative Assistants out there had many interviews or second interviews? It seems...

supriya s in Bangalore, India


As I had completed my Diploma in Commercial practice i have the working experience in the Administration i need my carrer to be brightful so,...

Rufus Quail in Las Vegas, Nevada

Personality in the workplace.

When starting a new job as an admin in a professional office, how should one act?

DENISE in Hartford, Connecticut



valentina in Raleigh, North Carolina

Updated 78 months ago

whose unemployment benefits have expired or are about to expire? - 2 Replies

I’m a reporter at, and I'm looking to interview laid-off individuals whose unemployment benefits have expired. I’d like to find out...

dovelet in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 79 months ago

Is it appropriate to apply for an administrative assistant position if you're from out-of-state? - 1 Reply

I am having the hardest time finding a job in my town, and I really need to move away. My problem is that I haven't been able to find a job anywhere...

Jessjkb84 in Reno, Nevada

New mom needs work

Im Jess I'm 24 years old and a new mom of a 7 month old. I was let go last year when I was about 7 months pregnant. I decided that it wasn't that...

Karen S. in New York, New York

Updated 81 months ago

first day of work.. what should I do? - 6 Replies

Hi everyone, I will be starting a new job as an administrative assistant at a day center next week. The day center looks after people with...

laurel groh in tampa, Florida

why are vietnam era vets having such a hard time finding work?

It seems to me that the discipline and loyalty you learn in the service makes you less employable in tampa. I've been out of work for five months and...

jackie wildner in Cliffside Park, New Jersey


Has anyone experienced submitting annual objectives during their review period? This was never required from my previous company and I was hoping...

Paul in Englewood, Colorado

Updated 84 months ago

Administrative assistant interview questions? - 1 Reply

Some Administrative assistant interview questions?

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 87 months ago

Need to come out of retirement - 3 Replies

Although I took early retirement three years ago, I am now looking for a part-time clerical job in the NYC area. I find I am bored out of my mind...

Quantasa in Bronx, New York

Updated 87 months ago

Job Seekers - Blast out your resume to 1000's of Recruiters/Employers - 2 Replies

Job Seekers - Blast out your resume to 1000's of Recruiters/Employers If you are looking to blast out your resume to thousands of targeted...

Dubious in Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Need for Admisistrative Assistants?

Hello everyone, I seem to be at a crossroads in my career right now. I'm currently going to college to be a counselor and I'll be ready to transfer...

ck in San Clemente, California

Updated 88 months ago

Phone Interviews - 2 Replies

I had a phone interview with a company that I'm very interested in. The staffing person said she will still be screening calls on Mon and Tues and...

DEA in Arlington, Virginia

Careers Branching From Administrative Assistant Position

I work in the Drug Enforcement Administration as an Assistant Drug Deterrence Program Coordinator but it was shortened to "Administrative Assistant"...


Updated 88 months ago

Jobs listed on websites - 6 Replies

I have my resume out there on alot of job websites and companies in my area. I dont apply to all but just the ones I'm interested in and know that I...

Indeed Admin in Stamford, Connecticut

Updated 88 months ago

Accounts Payable/Inventory/Data Entry - 1 Reply

I have been unemployed for just under a year. Just separated from husband; need full-time hours; trying to get 16-year old daughter to college

Scott Holloway

Updated 88 months ago

Been looking for work in Palmdale - 1 Reply

I have been looking for work for a few weeks now and i have not had any response. I have relocated from the valley to palmdale i need employment my...

Ruthie in Woodstock, Maryland

Updated 88 months ago

Minute-taking - 16 Replies

I see this in job descriptions more and more. I absolutely abhor minute taking and swore I would never take another job with this task. Does anyone...

Ruthie in Woodstock, Maryland

Updated 88 months ago

Administrative Assistant - 7 Replies

I have had no luck trying to find a part-time job, although I am certainly qualified. Does anyone know how I can put myself out there more?

Kathy in Elkhart, Indiana

Updated 89 months ago

How do I ask for a chang of job title? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I hope some of you with more experience can give me a little help. First, a long story (sorry). I was hired from temp to the AA...

Silvia in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 89 months ago

what is an Administrative assistant - 4 Replies

Can you please tell me the work, duties and the functions of an Administrative Assistant

michael carthy in Sayreville, New Jersey

coping with monetary pressures

With the economy in flux,decisions and careers are impossible to select on a logical basis so just toss a coin and hope for the best

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