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Susy39 in San Francisco, California


Is anybody else interviewing on the 4th of march 2015? In sanfrancisco I am still confused on the location (building) of the interviews

King01 in Calgary, Alberta


Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone here is able to share some of their experiences on what it is like to work for Emirates... I currently work for...

CherylE in Denver, Colorado

Alaska Training question

Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone who has been through training can answer this question for me. I know on the first day they test for airport...

Tim in Plano, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Felon - 2 Replies

Can someone answer this question for me....I need a career change after working in corporate america fr over 15 yes..... my kids are all grown...I...

hammond in Houston, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Portland Interview January 7 2015 Alaska Air - 1 Reply

I am in Portland for Interview with Alaska Air January 7, 2015. I have a room at crown plaza with 2 queen beds if someone is looking for a hotel or...

Ceeh in London, United Kingdom

Updated 12 months ago


Hi everyone I applied for FA last month my group assessment is on the 10th at 12 its getting closing so I'm perparing... Does anyone know how many...

TNA77 in Scarborough, Ontario

Updated 12 months ago

The Best Companies to be with - 57 Replies

I am about to apply as a Flight Attendant. What do you think the best airlines companies are at this time. (PS/I also speak French, German and...

April Showers88 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 12 months ago

Republic Airlines - 12 Replies

Does Anyone Know For sure if Republic has a height requirement?

Sally in Richmond, British Columbia

Updated 12 months ago

Cathay Pacific Interview London - 600 Replies

Hi I have currently received a call from Cathay Pacific London Heathrow and will be attending interview on June 23rd.I just want to ask few tips on...

hfklvein in San Francisco, Andorra

Updated 13 months ago

Coffee, Tea, or POVERTY..... - 32 Replies

I was a FA for UAL for nearly 10 years and recently quit to finish my nursing degree, RN, BSN. Im am not here to change any individuals mind on...

Nathan Arnold in London, United Kingdom

What Travel Insurance Policies Exclude

Warning. This prevalent system of insurance is perforated with exclusions, which a lot of travelers have no idea about. One must not ever...

Alex K in Toronto, Ontario

Crash Pads

Hey. My friends have been struggling with finding a decent crash pad in TO. There are a few but the problem is it is usually cramped. Yah I know...

Alex K in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 15 months ago

Acceptance to FA training in TO April 7th! - 1 Reply

Hey all, my names Talon. I just got my acceptance letter as well for Toronto. There's a group of us who kept in contact and we've been split apart...

user27nicky in Union City, Georgia

Updated 17 months ago

Republic Airways - 21 Replies

I interviewed with Republic Airways on Feb. 3rd. I haven't heard anything since. I'm sure no news is good news. I was wondering if anyone new of...

ae in Staten Island, New York

Updated 18 months ago

Cathay Pacific New York Recruitment 2013 - 697 Replies

They just opened recruitment earlier this month... does anyone know when they would start interviews??

Shelley442 in Humble, Texas

Express Jet Application

I am having a problem with the online application. On the page where it asks about criminal history, I cannot get it to go to the next page after...

Samantha in Flushing, New York

Updated 21 months ago

Got a job offer from Cathay LAX and Emirates, which one should I choice? - 2 Replies

Hi there, Can someone who works in Cathay or Emirates give me some suggestions? what is the culture of working environment in the company? Deeply...

Victor in Anchorage, Alaska

Updated 22 months ago


This forum has been created for all those that believe in what Delta Air Lines stands for. It's been more than 75 years now! It's a new era for...

Impecunious Enigma

Updated 22 months ago

flight attendants need drivers licence? - 10 Replies

I was recently hired as a flight attendant but they require a drivers licence why do you need one

devin93 in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 22 months ago

Air Canada Rouge FA March 23 @1400 YYZ - 4 Replies

Hi ladies and gents, I had my interview with Air Canada Rouge today at 1400 till 1630. i got my medical to do on April 07 @1330. Is there anyone...

Tulip9 in Napa, California

F2F on 3/28/14

Who is going to interview in Seattle? Anybody from the Bay Area, Sacramento? I live in Napa wanted to know if anyone is planning on commuting to...

Lovelyskies in Baltimore, Maryland

Best Airline for Flight Attendant - AA or Delta

New to Indeed and not sure I'm posting in the correct space... If one were to receive an offer from both AA and Delta, which would one choose? Don't...

RichBW in Brooklyn, New York

Applying at Rouge

I have a question. So I live in New York City, and Its been YEARS that I have lived here. I am looking to relocate back to Toronto very soon. I am a...

debjani in India

Updated 26 months ago

Tips for airline flight attendant interviews. - 2 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming airline flight attendant interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and...

SWA Flight Attendant in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 26 months ago

SW FA - 1 Reply

Hi to all who were successful in getting in the morning. Congratulations and wish you the best towards the next step. For the second time, I was...

FA Source in New Jersey

Updated 29 months ago

Alaska Airlines Hiring Response - 2 Replies

Hello, I have recently just applied for Alaska Airlines between their opening dates. I was wondering how long is the average wait to hear for a...

Stephanie in Covina, California

Updated 29 months ago

Cathay Pacific LAX Recruitment 2013 - 2 Replies

Good luck everyone :)

anoushka in Canton, Michigan

Updated 30 months ago

Sunwing Airlines 2013/2014 Recruitment YYC, YVR, YYZ - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I got an email invitation to attend an interview for Sunwing in YYC. I'm really excited and I know I'll do great. Anyone else out...

Jho in Hong Kong

Updated 31 months ago

Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew / Flight attendent - London - 323 Replies

Hi, has anyone applied for Cathay Pacific Cabin crew position and have interview in Dec 2011?

jtent in Jonesboro, Georgia

Updated 33 months ago

Silver Airways Flight Attendant Open House on 6/30/2012 in GNV - 9 Replies

I just wanted to say that I had a great time at the open house and met some wonderful people there. This seems like a great company and I wish...

Sapphire21 in Lorain, Ohio

May I request someone who is a Flight Attendant, or has been a FA , or FA recruiter, or instructor

It has been my life dream even at 44 to be a Flight Attendant. I would love feed back on my online bio- resume if possible http://septembersapphir...

Tara in Temecula, California

Time line after applying

Hi Everyone, Reading this forum has really inspired me and has given me great hope :) I applied with Alaska for a Flight Attendant position on...



Disappointed that I did not make it in my alaska interview today in LA, actually devastated would be the right way to discribe it . Enjoyed meeting...

Sukiyaki in Henderson, Nevada

Updated 37 months ago

Rejection emails from airlines? I want to be a Flight Attendant - 5 Replies

I have found the most frustrating part of applying for Flight Attendant is the rejection emails that I was not selected for training from the two...

MYin in Portland, Oregon

Do I need to become a RN for clinical research?

Hi everyone, I am a recent MPH graduate (Master of Public Health) and I am really interested in pursing a career in clinical research. However, I...


Updated 37 months ago

Which Hotel for United Houston - 3 Replies

Hello!!! What are some hotels that are recommended for the interview located in Houston? Anyone have ideas on who shuttles to where the interview is...

future FA in Los Angeles, California

Updated 37 months ago

Alaska Airlines-Flight Attendant training class Sept - 68 Replies

See if this

Felicia in Vallejo, California

Updated 38 months ago

Any websites that post current openings from Airlines? - 1 Reply

I was in an Account Manager in the past at high tech companies and managed client accounts. Well now I like to know if there are Account Manager...

yycgal in Calgary, Alberta

Updated 38 months ago

Air Canada FA -- for applications with Sept 7 - Oct 7 posting - 204 Replies

Just to keep us separate :) I applied Sept 25 for YVR and today for YYZ and YUL postings, and nothing yet. Will keep you posted!

wanabe FA in chicago, Illinois

Updated 38 months ago

Hawaiian Airlines FA Interviews - 3 Replies

I am very disappointed that I cannot afford to go to the Hawaiian airlines interview. I was invited 2 weeks before the interview date. Most people...

Jester in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 40 months ago

Possible to hold a 2nd job while being a new FA? - 1 Reply

I am considering a new FA career, but I already have a decent-paying office job. Would it be possible to work flexible hours at an office job while...

flygirl in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Updated 40 months ago

Being a flight attendant - 2 Replies

I have been to so many sites that talk plenty about interviews, but I want to know what is it like to be a flight attendant. I also went to sites...

summerfun in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 41 months ago

United/Continental group interview October 9, 2012 - 1 Reply

Hello, It's anybody going to United/Continental group interview on Oct 9,2012 and needs to stay overnight? There are couples hotels around the area...


Updated 42 months ago

Shuttle Pool - 1 Reply

Hi everybody if you have been notified about the Shuttle pool...Lets continue the chatter untill we all go to training!

Alaska hopeful in San Jose, California

Updated 46 months ago

Waiting for AK Air to open application period for Flight Attendants - 1 Reply

Does anyone know when the next application period might be with Alaska Airlines for Flight Attendant Training? I've been told by multiple people...

Charlene Welch in Maynardville, Tennessee

Updated 46 months ago

New Hire Training at North West Airlines for Flight Attendants - 18 Replies

This is a place for people to blog about training, graduation, their first year of work, or just waiting for training to start!

Jj in Mcdonough, Georgia

Updated 47 months ago

Airtran Airways is VERY DISORGANIZED and UNPROFESSIONAL - 8 Replies

Where to begin.... I originally interviewed in summer 2009 for a F/A position. I was told that I was hired and would be flying to ATL for history...

Julie in Elk Grove, California

Updated 47 months ago

What are typical airline flight attendant salaries? - 2 Replies

Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What skills should you learn to increase...

R in Rochester, United Kingdom

How many times should I reapply If i failed twice already?

Hi all, I know this sounds like a dumb question but i would like to hear some views from anyone who're in the same situation. I applied for Cathay...

julieta caputto in London, United Kingdom

I would like to work with an airline..

I would like to work in an Airline, I speak Spanish and should I apply?

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