Hawaiian Airlines FA Interviews

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LovetoFly in Nogales, Arizona

59 months ago

I am very disappointed that I cannot afford to go to the Hawaiian airlines interview. I was invited 2 weeks before the interview date. Most people looking for work don't have 4 grand laying around to spend on an interview. Why do they bother asking mainlanders when its so dang obvious they make it so difficult to attend? I want some answers. I calculated it would cost $4000 dollars ( a very conservative amount!) to attend because you have to show up to plan to get the job and go to training right after the interview process. That's a 3 month process basically. What would be the point of going if you didn't have enough money to stay for the training? There is the flight, the length of stay for the entire interview process is almost all of December. On top of it, they announce if you are chosen on Dec 26th. So, basically you have to stay there and miss Christmas whether you get it or not. I mean really, it seems so pompous on their part!!!!!!!! I am so pissed just writing this blog.

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Hopeful FA

59 months ago

LovetoFly - I hear ya.
I, too, turned down the interview because I cannot affort to attend. But to be fair to Hawaiian Airlines, they made that very clear in their profile questionaire. I think the first question asked if you are willing to pay for your own way to attend the interview. And the second states that training and accomodation will be unpaid. And the third question reiterated questions number 1 and 2. I know it is too bad and very cheap of Hawaiian airlines. Most other airlines will pay for one or the other (i.e training or accomodation but not both)
Well, try and apply to some other mainland carriers.

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LovetoFly in Rio Rico, Arizona

59 months ago

NO you are mistaken, they did NOT make it clear in the application process. YES the application online did ask "are you willing to pay for travel to the interview". IT DID NOT SAY: The interview process would be almost 3 WEEKS LONG with training starting 2 weeks after the announcement (on Dec 26th) so unless you have enough money to fly back forth several times, it would be most cost effective to stay there which is also NOT REALLY cost effective. 3 months of living (interview and training is a good 4 grand unless you can find a free place to stay.) That calculation is to pay $500.00 for a room in a house. Maybe you can do it cheaper with 5 people to a room or something, but I need my sleep and can't live like that when Im trying to do something as intense as training as an FA.

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wanabefa in chicago, Illinois

47 months ago

Be glad you turned it down. They also don't tell you until you are at the interview that if they like you, they will ask you back the next day. Many of the people I was with had enough to fly to San Francisco, but had not planned on spending the night at full price (verses the airlines who tell you what hotel to go to, to get their discounted rate). Many who interviewed didn't know whether to change their flight and try to find a room. Many did not bring a change of clothes. It tool 3 hours to get the email. I got turned down and didn't care, because I thought tattoos covered by pants were acceptable, but NOTHING below the knee is acceptable. Their uniform doesn't include pants. If you decide to try later, read up on the airline--they might quiz you. First interview was a panel interview with hospitality type questions. Met a Virgin Airlines FA in the airport that said Hawaiian Airlines is the toughest to get hired by, especially if you are non-native. Google the images of their 2012 FA graduating class! I wanted to cancel my flight but it was too late. Despite the nightmare interview process and cost of interviewing and training, they still seem like a great company to work for. If you are non-native, only speak English and you are over 30, I'd say don't bother with this airline!

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