Need to be careful if you intendapply to GLS

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Toya in Detroit, Michigan

89 months ago

I am one of the Arabic linguist who wait in GA, for 6 months, and they return us home,and gave us a letter of layoff, with no use, it's only a trash, because we never make use of it for unemployment benefit, and for me, when I return backe home, they send me email, they said I have force protection, but it is too late, they kept me in GA, waiting for the force prtection to deploy to Iraq, with no reason,although I had my clearence, but for purpos,they don't tell us we had clearance, we lost our life,our job, even our study, now we had no money to continue our normal life. and for what, only for GLS benefits, so becareful when you apply to GLS, maybe they will ruind your life,and they don't care. so this is kind of gambling of your life.

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Adel in Detroit, Michigan

87 months ago

True, They send back home for no reason, now I am broken, becaue of GLS, I lost my job, hoping that GLS will give me better job, I did'nt know, they are cheater, using people for their benifits, they don't care, if you loose your future life or not, we return back home, and now we had no money to spend, after we lost our first job, I ask God to make this company be broken and loos their money, just to let them know, what they did to US.

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Magdi in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

86 months ago

I am US Citizen.I served three years in US Army as a soldier and Arabic Linguist. I received exessive language and translation training by the Army to be qualifeid as an Army Linguist and Culture advisor.
I deployed to Iraq once .During my deployment I worked in S2 Brigade (Military Intel Office) where I translated and scanned more than 500 Intelligence documents. Also, I conducted an extensive Internet and Media research as an Open Source Media Analysis. COL Piat the Commander of 3rd brigade,25th Infantry Division awarded me "Army Commendation Medal" for my outstanding perfomance as a linguist. LAA Secret on May15,08 ARMY CCF, Counterintelligence Polygraph,and clearable. After deployment,I was always under language training by my unit to enhance my skills. Currently, I am trying to take advantage of my valuable Military training and exprience as Civilian Linguist.I have Diplome in Interpretation and Translation from Defense Language Institute, plus Three years college degree in Civil Engineering. I chose to switch my career path because I wanted to select the job that I love the most.

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