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Security Applications, LLC in Columbia, Maryland

112 months ago

As you all know, Security Applications, LLC helps Linguist make it through the Security Process for Federal Contracts. Well We have also instituted a new service to help those of you who were declined an Interim Clearance. Contrary to what you may have been told, you have the right to find out why you were declined. One way is through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but it is not the only way. Security Applications, LLC has direct contact with the individuals and organization that makes those decisions and can help you clear or clarify most issues that caused you to be declined. We essentially help you to clear your name and also recieve an Interim Clearance so that you can deploy, or work stateside with organizations that require clearances. Your problem could be something as simple as something being listed incorrectly on your SF 86, or your CI Interview information not matching up with your SF 86. Could also be that they recieved a criminal hit on someone with a similar name as yours. It could be many reason why you were denied. We're the professionals at this, we can get you an answer and most likely a reversal.

Some people think that companies such as ours are only out to make money, but truthfully and honestly, we want to help you and your families. We have been in the linguist business for quite some time and we've seen the good things and the bad things that have happended to some of you. Our goal is to make the process easier by preparing you for it. And for those of you who have been denied Interims, we want to assist you in finding our why and clear or clarify any issues if possible. That's it...period. We are a small organization that has the ability to give you one on one attention. You will not be hearded like cattle. Here at Security Applications, LLC our primary focus is respect!

If you that need assistance going through the process to find out why you were denied, and possibly clearing please contact us 8 4 3 2 4 4 1 6 7 9

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desertrose in Madison, Alabama

108 months ago

essam in West Bloomfield, Michigan said: i need to know from some one in this dept if a 12 years old white coller felony in fed system will ever give me a chance to serve my country in a translating job in iraq ..i am a us citizen and hold a us passport..i passed in my linguist test but fail in background check...if there is any thing i can do to get this job or any advise from some one in this field..please send me a feed back ...

If you have EVER had a felony, I wouldn't count on getting a clearance...better look to another career.

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betty in Wylie, Texas

104 months ago

hello there .recently i applied for a cat 2 position but as last year .denied again and i feel so sad and i do not know why and for your information i accepted as a cat 1 but not cat 2 and i do not know , what is the reasons .can some body tell me why OK cat 1 and not cat 2??????????????????????????????

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