I need an interview with a controller for my school project.

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Mr. Jack in Killeen, Texas

127 months ago

We have a project in school, which is about my future career will be, I chose to be a controller. I would like to interview another controller to understand and know more about this great field of work.

What made you pursue this career?
What was the cost for all the education you needed to get for this job?
What schools/colleges/universities did you attend on your way to your career?
What are the required AST and or SAT scores, if any?
How many years did you need to complete your school?
Do you need an agent in this field?
Are they any endorsement deals possible in this field, and if so what would they be?
Do you have to sign a contract?
If so, what are someitems that would be included in the contract?
Describe your job duties in controlling
Do you answer to anyone in a higher position?
And any other information you would like to add would be nice.

Thank You For your time.

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