i would like to know how to get a teacher assistant job with good pay in the child care field with infant toddlers i have the h

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marisole in Memphis, Tennessee

53 months ago

Joan, unfortunately a CDA is not going to get anyone anything over about 9.00 an hr. I know that sucks, but CDA is a good start, but it doesnt make the pay go up to much. I would suggest that you keep going to school to get your AA and BS in Early Childhood and work in Early Headstart to get the pay that you want.

I am a toddler teacher with my CDA and I am making 8.25, I am working on my full degree in Elementary ed. Hope this helps.

Brooke in Sanford, North Carolina

52 months ago

If you go to work for a military childcare center you will make more money. If you live close to an Army or Navy base it's worth looking into. You do have to continue to do training as well. Just a thought.

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