Drug Test (Resonable Suspicion)

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Kerry Cook in Angleton, Texas

95 months ago

My work called me in 2 weeks ago to go for a drug test which I thought was a random since I've been there for 2yrs and have never been called in. But instead they said that they had a phone call once a week for three weeks saying that I should be tested from an unknown person.I went and of course it came back negative, but I've been told that resonable suspicion will stay on my record because I drive a truck. Is this TRUE? And if so can I do anything about it because I looked in the Federal Drivers Handbook and it shows that the company was suppose to give me three written notices first or atleast a reason for doubt besides a phone call.

Vibrantly young in Lone Jack, Missouri

95 months ago

It is a shame that they did not adhere to their own policies, and they would listen to an anonymous caller. I had a friend once who had a jealous person call and make falsehoods where they called her in. The company said they couldn't prove anything but wanted her to reread the policies. The following week she went back to the person who called her in and informed her that the 'jealous' person who called just stabbed her ex-mother-in-law with clipping shears and punctured one of her lungs. There are people out there that just like to cause problems for people, out of their own insecurities. I would ask them why it would stay on my record since it did come back negative. I would also ask them why you never received the three notices. The sad thing about it all is, companies today are allowed to do anything they want.

Olive Oil in Maine

95 months ago

Vibrantly young in Lone Jack, Missouri said: The sad thing about it all is, companies today are allowed to do anything they want.

This is so true.

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